New interview article: Two minutes with Jennette McCurdy

Posted on June 18, 2012

The following article is from the Australian magazine Dolly, where they asked Jennette McCurdy for advice on body image, bullying, and rejection. They also asked her what it was like to meet One Direction and Big Time Rush.

BODY IMAGE: “Everyone’s a different shape and size so you just have to be comfortable with who you are. Wear clothes that make you feel empowered and don’t worry about not having someone else’s body because you should be happy with your own!”

BULLYING: “It’s so important to have some good friends if you’re going through bullying. You don’t need tons of them, just your real friends because it’s about quality, not quantity.

REJECTION: There was this one time when I missed out on a part I really, really wanted and I was upset. My mum said I could keep acting as long as I got ‘a thick skin, but not a hard heart’ She was so right.”

She met 1D on-set! “My favorite [of the boys] was Zayn for sure, he was just awesome. Niall is super funny, but his humour gets borderline mean and he almost made Miranda [Cosgrove] cry, but it’s just because she didn’t get their English sense of humour.”

…and Big Time Rush! “These boys were full of energy! The funniest out of all of them is Kendall for sure. James is nice, but so serious… he always had this smouldering look on his face.”


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  1. Love u Jennette

  2. I don´t know what say,must be so exciting be with Jenn…I really don´t know,just being with her to know…