Jennette McCurdy talks about Camp Orange and One Direction’s appearance on iCarly

Posted on June 17, 2012

TV Week posted a new interview with Jennette McCurdy discussing about the previous iCarly episode featuring the band One Direction and the upcoming episodes of Camp Orange.

Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy chats to TV WEEK about Camp Orange and her date with One Direction …

iCarly star Jennette McCurdy recently popped down under to shoot a stint as celebrity host of Nickelodeon’s Camp Orange: Girls V Boys. Here, Jennette, 19, talks iCarly, hanging out with One Direction and Camp Orange‘s “barf burgers”!

We hear you turned up to Camp Orange in style…

The kids didn’t know I was coming, so I pulled up in a Mustang — the only way to arrive — and the kids started screaming, the girls particular started freaking out. I bonded with them really we’ll, and I took videos of them saying Australia words, fair dinkum! It was hilarious.

What was your role at Camp Orange this season? 
It’s girls versus boys this time round. [Hosts] Luke and Wyatt represented the boys and I mentored the girls. It went really well — the girls were so smart and strategic. There was a tug-of-war game as part of a challenge, and the girls knew the guys had it in the bag, so they focused their energy on the next challenge and took that one out!

What were the challenges like? 
The challenges were fun! This one challenge, called “To Melon Back”, involved going to a field and gathering greasy watermelons. Then they had to empty the watermelon into a jar and whoever filled it first won — hilarious!

In previous seasons, the challenges were a little more on the disgusting side…
Well, they do eat “barf burgers” this season — it’s not actual vomit, but it looked and smelt like it. My gag reflex kicked in instantly.

Did you manage to hold your own against Luke and Wyatt? 
I like to think so, but they’re quite the duo. Wyatt is off his rocker while Luke tries to keep him contained, but he’s also got a wild side — it’s a dangerous combination.

You also play Sam on iCarly. Has the role changed your life? 
It’s been nearly five years now, but it feels like forever. I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t think about iCarly. It changed my life in more ways than one. I can’t even visualise an alternate reality where this doesn’t exist. This is all pretty great!

What do you remember about your first day on set? 
Everyone was so nervous. I was 14 and when you’re young there is always that feeling: will this be a big break for us, or will we shoot the pilot and never see each other again? Miranda Cosgrove, who plays Carly, and I got along so that made things so much easier.

Have you considered making the move away from Nickelodeon to branch out? 
I have, but I think it’s important not to rush that. It can be a misstep if you deny what’s [taken] you to where you are. I think it is important to make the transition in a smart way. At the same time I want to get into comedic films. I also would love to do other television shows.

One Direction swung by the iCarly set earlier this year. Are you a Directioner now? 
I must admit when they came to iCarly, I had no clue who they were, but two weeks later, I knew everything about them. They were fun and exactly what you’d expect of 20-year-old guys who are just living the dream. They were talking, mucking around — they’re all such close buddies. They also live in the same apartment complex, so they’re obviously tight-knit friends.

What happens in the episode with the One Direction boys? 
In the episode, we’re having One Direction perform, but then Harry Styles gets sick, so he can’t sing. We replace him with Gibby (Noah Munck), but it turns out Harry was faking it — he was just enjoying the sympathy! He comes through in the end and then they perform their hit single and all is good in the world.

What happens with your character and One Direction’s resident “bad boy” Zayn Malik? 
He’s the bad boy and Sam is the bad girl, so they suit. Sam has a thing for Zayn and she pulls him into an elevator. When we were filming, it got stuck, so he and I just chatted away. It was a good conversation — he is what I had expected. Zayn knew how to put on the charm and he’d just [had] a bunch of tattoos, so he was making me feel them. I was all, “Yep, that feels firm!”

We’ve heard you and co-star Miranda took the boys out in LA. What did you get up to?
The day after filming, we took them to Mel’s Diner, a really old-school place, and then we all watched Zombieland and played the board game Catch Phrase. We planned to go to a shooting range or play laser tag, but everything was shut!

Camp Orange: Girls V Boys: Season premire, Tuesday, 5pm (AEST), Nickelodeon. Catch One Direction on iCarly on Tuesday, July 24, 4.30pm (AEST), Nickelodeon.

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