Jennette McCurdy parties with the iCarly cast

Posted on June 17, 2012

Saturday, June 16th, 2012 was a busy day for Jennette McCurdy. Her day started off filming a Kraft promo with the winner of the Lunchables sweepstakes. Check out the following photos of her appearance on the set and with the winners.

Afterwards, she met up with the iCarly cast for a fun filled night at Universal Studios, Hollywood for the series wrap party. According to one of the cast members, there were a large number of fans waiting for them to arrive and that the park was closed to the public for the event.

Jennette McCurdy tweeted her reaction from the night both on her facebook and twitter profile:

best time ever @UniversalStudios with my iCarly family last night! And I got a significant amount of Jurassic Park butt-water in my mouth.

had a huge iCarly bash yesterday at Universal Studios. The whole park was rented out for us, and it was amazing. Here’s to braving Jurassic Park poncho-less.

Below are photos from the event including various fan photos who met Jennette in Universal Studios, including one from the Transformers 3D ride.

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