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Posted on June 9, 2012

On June 6th, 2012, Jennette McCurdy’s official site updated with a brand new splash page with links to her new album, available on iTunes and Amazon. Also included on the splash page are links to both and JustJennette. We would like to express our thanks to Jennette McCurdy, her site administrators, and every McCurdian for this huge honor.

The following message is written by the famous site owner of, Brian Kimskey.

Dear McCurdians,

I dedicate this letter to YOU. Yes, you who’s committed enough to take the time to read this letter… You who passionately seek out latest Jennette news… You who send nothing but sweet supportive tweets to Jennette McCurdy just because you want her to smile… You who selflessly volunteer your energy and time to support her career. You really are a “Soldier” Jennette has referred to many times.

As you can imagine, seeing both and on Jennette’s official website made me speechless then freak out. Being on is an immeasurable honor that cannot be put into words. Only a classy person like Jennette McCurdy would do such a thing as this is unheard of in any other celebrity. But truth be told, I may be the guy that owns and operates, but it is all of you that makes things happen for her. Those that pump up her music in the car, those that think of her throughout the day, those that vote for her like it’s your job, those that wait for new iCarly like you wait for Christmas… the honor goes to all of you. I salute to you.

It seems now more than ever Jennette McCurdy is relying on her fans, and so, we shall answer her majesty’s call. Being a McCurdian is an incredible journey that we all take together. The adventure awaits as we push forward to help Jennette meet her destiny. There’ll be plenty of dragons and giants along the way. But together, McCurdians shall prevail through any peril! So, put on your armor and ready your sword! We shall uphold Jennette McCurdy’s honor and be of one army. Long live Jennette McCurdy!

With much love,
Brian Kimskey

In addition, I would like to give my gratitude for everyone involved.

The amount of support is absolutely incredible. Jennette is truly blessed to have so many sweet, sincere, and generous McCurdians who will always be by her side. Whether it be defending her honor, help spread the word around, or even assist other fellow fans whenever they’re feeling down. It’s all about the dedication and humble attitude that really speaks out when it comes to being a fan. It feels more of a family than a fanbase.

Jennette McCurdy notices every fan’s individual support and has always expressed her appreciation. Her fans show their love to Jennette whether it is a work of art, a poem, a witty joke, a cover song, or even a simple message just to show that they’re thinking of her. In return, Jennette consistently wants to thank her fans by spending as much time as possible, even with her very busy schedule.

To be linked from Jennette McCurdy’s official site is such an honor as Brian described. Thank you so much to everyone who has visited both of our sites and have helped in any way possible. Every fan’s hard work should not go unnoticed. We will continue to strive to provide the best experience possible and wish the best of luck in Jennette’s career and life.

Thank You.

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7 responses

  1. You guys are the best. you deserve so much more with your loyalty and pride toward Jennette.

  2. Maiara @mccurdyforever1 says:

    Jennette I love very, I’m proud to love her and admire her! and I’m proud to know that this great love I have for her is matched only wish her everything good in life, and I really enjoyed this letter to know that we all are united McCurdians to make her happy! I love Jennette McCurdy! @ mccurdyforever1

  3. Sou McCurdian com orgulho <3

    Jeen nós te amamos

  4. Jennette ist die beste! Kiss

  5. Will you marry me?

  6. Abi mitchell says:

    I Think your so awesome and your one of the best actors on Sam and Cat and also iCarly.