Win a copy of Jennette McCurdy’s EP or autographed photo

Posted on May 29, 2012

In honor of Jennette McCurdy’s album release date and previews, fans are hosting contests to win an autographed photo and a copy of Jennette’s latest EP (which is only available in selected U.S. Justice stores). International participants are eligible to play.

How to win an autographed Jennette McCurdy photo

If you have the generous spirit that Jennette McCurdy is well known for, you can help raise funds for the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure, a simple donation is all that is required.

Click here to make a donation

Fans under 18 please get your parent’s permission before donating

Contest rules: The fan who sends the most amount to the foundation will win Jennette McCurdy’s autographed photo! To receive credit for your entry, please place your twitter name in the box that says “Your name or message as you wish it to appear on the honor roll”. The total can be cumulative as long as the twitter name stays the same. Credit for the contest by Angelico Obedoza

How to win a copy of Jennette McCurdy’s EP album

If you want to test your Jennette McCurdy knowledge and win a chance for a Jennette McCurdy album, answer the following 3 challenging questions correctly:

1. What is Jennette’s favorite superhero of all time?
2. Name Jennette’s favorite type of potato chip
3. Jennette released her favorite 15 songs in 2009, name 5 of them.

Contest rules: There is currently a limit of 6 albums to giveaway. Send your entries to and the winner will be contacted back to request shipping details. Credit for this contest by Nicole Barnett


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