iCarly is coming to an end in June

Posted on May 17, 2012

Rumors of the iCarly series to continue with new seasons has been debunked with exclusive information from TVGuide.

In June, the cast will come together for the last time to film a special iCarly television event that will air in November.

TVGuide has also posted information regarding the an episode currently in production which is filmed on location in New York.

The cast is currently filming an episode with Jimmy Fallon, who will play himself. In the upcoming episode titled “iLove Jimmy Fallon,” Carly and the gang dedicate a web show to the late-night host with spoofs of his popular skits. Impressed by their parodies, Fallon invites the group to New York to perform in a special live edition of Late Night. And in true iCarly fashion, Gibby suffers a major wardrobe malfunction which means big trouble for the web show’s future.

Although the show is coming to an end, Jennette McCurdy will be continuing her stay on Nickelodeon to film her very own show which resumes right after the last episode of iCarly is filmed.

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3 responses

  1. NNNNNNNNoOOOOooooOOoOOo!!!!!
    Icarly is my life! #imgonnacry/die. Jennette’s new show better be good its the only thing that might keep me from screaming for the rest of my life. ;(

  2. I only stared watching icarly since last year and its already my favorte show I hope for the last episode freddie and carly will get back together or he gets back together with sam I will miss the show!

  3. Miranda cosgrove I wish you came to johannesburg