Jennette McCurdy is role model of the month

Posted on May 6, 2012

BOP and Tiger Beat asked via twitter the following question:

Are you a huge fan of Jennette McCurdy? Tweet us now & tell us why YOU think she’s a great role model!

The lucky ones selected were featured in BOPAndTigerBeat’s article on Jennette McCurdy: 5 reasons why she totally rocks, according to you! Jennette was thrilled when she heard the news:

Hey BOP of @BOPandTigerBeat , thanks so much for featuring me as the role model of the month!

Below are the chosen 5 tweets:

1. “She’s beautiful and talented but she also has the biggest heart! She’s so passionate and true to herself, I really look up to that” – Nerdy4McCurdy

2. “Jennette is my role model because she’s not afraid to be herself!” – ohgivemelove

3. “Jennette is a great role model because she can make us all laugh with just one sentence. She really values how important it is to laugh every day!” – Always_Jennette

4. “Jennette’s a true role model because she inspires us, makes us laugh, scream, smile AND cry. She’s so unique and I love that about her!” – McCurdian4ever

5. “She’s confident, funny, smart, lovely and real. She’s the ultimate role model for girls of all ages!” – SceneofSublime


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