Jennette McCurdy hosts a late night Q&A

Posted on May 4, 2012

Jennette McCurdy decided to host a suprise Q&A for her fans at 11:04 P.M. PST on May 3rd, 2012 and ended at 12:02 A.M. PST on May 4th, 2012.

Late night q & a! Include #askjennette with your tweets. #thanksinadvance #thankyouinadvanceisactuallyreallypassiveaggressive

Jennette even took a brief break and tweeted her excitement over the length that the trend was occuring:

I can’t believe you guys are trending this for so long. #humblebrag #oristhatjustabrag

Many questions were answered and the tag #askjennette trended for almost the entire hour long session. She even went the extra distance and called one of her fan’s workplace. Below are the questions and answers.

Q: why are you up so late?
A: because i’m a night owl. are you?

Q: Happy May the 4th!
A: May the 4th be with you!!

Q: can you give me a nick name?? My name is Jayde
A: butterscotch square

Q: What’s your favorite brand of chocolate?
A: hershey’s

Q: What is your favourite Disney Movie? And Also your.favourite cheese?
A: can’t speak of the enemy. but my favorite cheese is pepperjack. or havarti. :P

Q: Have any fun plans for the weekend?
A: DO. I. EVER. No I’m not doing anything.

Q: why are you so perfect?
A: why is your last name wood? That’s so awesome

Q: What are your favourite video games?
A: anything for nintendo

Q: Is it true that you’ve had a dream of beating the bananas out of marshmellows, just because “you can”?
A: just out of marshmellows, not out of marshmallows ;)

Q: are you going to have your own tv show?
A: yes, i’m psyched!

Q: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
A: i can’t see myself that far ahead

Q: if you could be in any movie in the past, what movie would you have wanted to be in?
A: is that a real question? 1.21 gigawatts

Q: Are you an optimist or pessimist?
A: depends on the day.

Q: I bought the new Carrie Underwood album (amazing stuff)… Made me wonder about your album. Any news on it?
A: i’ll post a music-related message sometime in the next few days. want to keep my fans well-informed. you guys are the best!

Q: is trending worldwide! Are you surprised?
A: yayy!

Q: which one is funnier “ugly crying” or “gross sobbing”?
A: whichever involves more optical discharge

Q: What did you have for dinner?
A: horrible Indian.

Q: not really an #askjennette more like a #TellMeToGoToSleep. Just tell me to pass out
A: sleep! you need it.

Q: why don’t you have a fan mail address anymore?
A: because I’m trying to catch up on the mail from the past 2 years& it’s super back-logged.i try to keep up thru twitter/fb!

Q: really cute new profile picture! love the makeup
A: thanks sugar

Q: how bad do you want us to see the new iCarly two-parter?
A: so bad it makes me ugly cry gross sob

Q: I’ve been feeling so down lately and I don’t really know why. Any advice?
A: put all your energy into something you’re passionate about! when you have something like that, you should be up again :)

Q: favorite thing on the McDonald’s menu, go
A: iced coffee or southwest salad or hamburger mickey d’s i love you!

Q: When you mix chartreuse and maroon, what color do you get?
A: blues clues

Q: I got an A in painting :] not a question but ok
A: CONGRATS!! i fingerpainted once. it was unattractive.

Q: You’re a bad girl in real life?!?
A: maybe … you tell me :P

Q: Do u feel sometimes like u want to flip a table or break sth from anger? #weirdquestion
A: I’m always breaking sth. It’s such a release.

Q: will you call in sick to work for me tomorrow as I won’t be able to sleep now?
A: what’s the number? where do you work? and what is your boss’s name?

Q: How’s Gramps? :) did he have a good birthday?
A: great one! thanks for asking. he’s such a cutie

Q: what was your favorite tv show growing up?
A: 3rd rock from the sun, brady bunch, cheers, gilligans island, facts of life, bill cosby, i love lucy, saturday night live

Q: Favorite piece by @dreswain
A: i love my cheez-its necklace or the ring i wore on ferguson! check out her site:

Q: please @jennettemccurdy reply to me or some1 else at least show some love to your mccurdians
A: MCCURDIANS!! you guys are amazing!

Q: When will you notice me?
A: i notice you!!

Q: put your arms around someone. Can I have a virtual hug? You know you wanna.
A: virtual hug to you. it’s awkward, i warn you. my arm does weird things when it tries to hug

Q: Sup Jennette!!!!

Q: I’m a little curious, Are you planing to come to Latin America?
A: quadernos!

Q: why did yo mama gave you a black girls name? Is she illiterate?
A: my brother’s name is marcus, so i like to think she had a theme.

Q: my gf and I have a list of people were allowed to cheat on the other with. You’re on mine. Not a question but had to say it
A: tell the girlfriend hey! and thanks, i’m flattered ;)

Q: would u ever eat a cupcake with no frosting?
A: that’s so deep!

Q: what was the last thing that made you smile?
A: payphone!

Q: i love you :) #justsaying
A: @vickymccurdy you’re so pretty! thanks for teh awesome account :)

Q: oh man i came right at the end of @jennettemccurdy’s #askjennette session
A: it ain’t over til it’s over

Q: If you had a unicorn, what would you name it?
A: probably something original like DuoCorn or something.

Q: Seriously going crazy for a #petname … why? Because you are the bee’s knees, that’s why! You rock!
A: honebee, clearly. NO! Boba McCurdian – double entendre!

Q: Riot in the streets if you end this Q&A soon. js. ily. #askjennette #againnotaquestion
A: please send me video footage of that

Jennette described what happened when she called one of her fan’s workplace.

i called and selected #4 for journalist (don’t ask why) and left a message on the voicemail of Karen. :)

Jennette was incredibly appreciative of all the questions she received.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone who participated. You guys are grand.

In celebration of May the 4th, being Star Wars day, she tweeted her fans the following picture.


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