Jennette McCurdy hosts a Q&A for her fans

Posted on April 30, 2012

Jennette McCurdy had a few hours off to rest after spending most of the previous days filming and traveling. She spent her free time with her fans and partied with a Q&A session. Leading it off she announced officially that the party started.

q and a session! send me your questions now! yay party time

Below are the many questions she picked to answer. She even gave some helpful relationship advice (including the question about her crush on Jerry Trainor) and also some updates about her site:

Q: Would you rather have another human taped to you for 3 whole days or travel everywhere by camel for 2 weeks?
A: travel anywhere by camel for 2 weeks. good question

Q: best friend on set?
A: M-Cos. love that girl

Q: how old are you??
A: 49

Q: what do you like on your burger???
A: meat

Q: Fly, invisibility or eating without worrying about getting fat?
A: invisibility. no, flying! no, invisibility! what decisiveness an option?

Q: Were you born salty?
A: i like to think i was born bland and the salt was added by experience

Q: I love you your amazing! YOur hilarious as Sam Puckett!! I can’t believe I have your autograph!
A: thanks and thanks again!

Q: Would you rather travel forward or backwards in time if you could?
A: probably backwards.. we’ll get to the forwards part without trying.

Q: Is there reasoning behind your 11 a.m. Q & A?
A: a few hours off, so wanted to give some time to my fans!

Q: if you were a t-shirt with a slogan, what would your slogan say?
A: “don’t ask”

Q: Where are you now?
A: my apartment!

Q: Why your tweets are salted? Something in particular?
A: everyone can use a little flavor

Q: would you rather go to outer space or the bottom of the ocean?
A: outer space!

Q: what you think about @LizGillies ?
A: she is rad. super smart, interesting, off-beat.

Q: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck couldn’t chuck wood??
A: none

Q: You are proud to us ? We can make a WW Trend right now !! Do you need ??
A: i love them, always!

Q: so, what it supposed I must to do if i’m going to a party and is going my ex and his new girl too? ADVICE PLEASE!
A: go and show how great you are on your own. chat up the other dudes- plenty of fish in the sea, and a few of em are cool

Q: now she’s giving relationship advice. is there anything that girl CAN’T DO? I’m pretty sure she could fly too
A: only on the weekends. i kid i kid

Q: you like @taylorswift13 ?
A: she’s so sweet and i love her songs

Q: any news about video clips, or your new tv show?
A: hold on btb while i work on icarly and my new show!

Q: Can you gives us a hint about one of the unkown iCarly episodes that’s soon?
A: they’re funny

Q: you have suffered because of some love? follow me please?
A: nah. can’t let other people make you suffer.

Q: What colour is Sam’s Pear Phone this season?
A: i think red?

Q: Go Go Power Rangers?
A: i like the pink one :P

Q: are you getting any better at hugging and winking?
A: i like to think so. been practicing

Q: What’s your favorite 30 rock episode?
A: (alec baldwin)

Q: can you tell us more about your new show?
A: not much yet. but i am getting more excited by the day

Q: what do you like the most about Ariana?
A: her energy, sense of humor, fun-ness

Q: How is cheebo doing?
A: never been better, he says thanks for asking

Q: can you describe your momma in 3 words? DEBRA IS THE BEST
A: loyal, kind-hearted, strong

Q: i’m realllly curious to know which mascara you use.. like, i’m dying to know.xP
A: i switch it up often to keep it fresh!

Q: describe Dan Schneider in 3 words!
A: creative, hilarious, genuine, loyal, incredible (sorry, that’s 5 :P)

Q: still got that crush on jerry?
A: you know it

Although there wasn’t a trend for #AskJennette, she still was very appreciative of all of her fans sending in questions.

Bye buds, thanks for the rad questions. Endless thanks to you all for the support


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