Jennette McCurdy tweets pictures for Photo Friday

Posted on April 28, 2012

After being greeted with two simultaneous worldwide twitter trends (McCurdians Worldwide Love Jennette and Jennette Is Our Perfect Role Model), Jennette McCurdy shared the following never-before-seen pics including her trip to Australia for Photo Friday.

Me and my manager enjoying some Max Brenner chocolate treats while in Australia last week shooting #CampOrange !

With master Luke of @lukeandwyatt

With king Wyatt of @lukeandwyatt

Shiny nail polish, which makes me think all nails must be polish. It just feels right.

Riding a go-kart…

As Jennette boarded onto a redeye trip to Boston, she shared a few more photos:

Standing on a stone at a generic-non-identifiable amusement park

On a rollercoaster with my brother… Where am I?

I clean baths goooooood…

With the last tweeted picture, she signed off Twitter with the following:

Ok guys! Boarding the redeye. Thanks for all the trends today. You make them like they’re going out of style…

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