Jennette McCurdy answers fan questions in BOP Magazine

Posted on April 18, 2012

The latest issue of BOP Magazine had a series of questions asked by fans to Jennette McCurdy and here’s what she responded to (special thanks to Nicole Barnett for the magazine scan):

Q: Hi Jennette! I’m always trying to find a way to talk to my favorite celebrities. How can fans stand out from the crowd and get your attention? – Ashley, NY

Jennette: Send me something! I love when fans make me friendship bracelets because they know I love bracelets! But anytime a fans send me a little bracelet, a stuffed animal or draws me a picture, they really stand out to me.

Q: I’m just starting to wear makeup for the first time, so I love reading beauty advice from the stars! What’s one beauty product you could never live without? – Nadia, TX

Jennette: Ooh, I’d have to say the one product I could never live without would definitely be my mascara. I have really light eyelashes, so if I don’t wear mascara, it looks like I don’t have any! Mascara definitely helps enhance my natural long lashes and it also makes my eyes really pop. I always carry it with me. Gotta have my mascara!

Q: There’s a group of girls at school who are always making fun of me and my friends. Have you ever dealt with bullying? What do you think I should do? – Jessie, CA

Jennette: When I first joined the dance team, it was a very tight-knit group of girls, and they didn’t want to let anyone in. The first few weeks they kept picking on me, so one day, I just told them to stop being mean. Eventually we became friends! I think if you’re dealing with a bully, it’s best to confront them and ask them to stop.

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  1. my best friend has started to hang out fit another girl.Ever sience my bff has been being mean to me what should i do?