Jennette McCurdy plays cards with the iCarly cast and crew

Posted on April 12, 2012

Jennette McCurdy tweeted during a card game during her lunch break. The game they played is called Resistance and was introduced to the iCarly cast and crew by Jerry Trainor. Below is the card game in action.

Jennette tweeted the following picture of Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress, where Jennette refers them as her nuggets.

BooGie also tweeted a picture of Jennette and Miranda enjoying a snack

Afterwards, she decided to host a Q&A session which some of her answers are considerably random. In addition, #AskJennette became a worldwide trend.

q and a session nowzas… send me your q’s

Q: when are you coming to Australia?
A: next week!

Q: if you had to describe your FANS in 1 word! would it be?
A: sweet (which goes great with salty)

Q: Describe Miranda Cosgrove
A: one of my dearest friends. she’s loyal, kind, hilarious, genuine

Q: Do you rather to be a policewoman or a nurse?
A: firefighter

Q: Are you actually going to answer questions or are you just trolling us to see how excited we all get?
A: i like trolling

Q: Did you prefer your hair long or short?
A: purple

Q: Do you have a stuffed animal and what is it’s name?
A: teddy bear – norm. countless ugly dolls, all aptly named

Q: what is your favorite color ?
A: trees

Q: Describe your day in one word.
A: dishwasher!

Q: how often are you able to work on your music career with icarly being your main job?
A: i’m focusing more on acting for the time being!

Q: you miss from your childhood?
A: of course, it’s a time filled with dr. seuss and snotty noses and it’s all ok

Q: I used to be so good at @jennettemccurdy’s q&a’s. Maybe I need to think of quality, obscure things. And offers of a rocketship ride to Mars.
A: there you go. now that’s what i call bringing it

Q: This is a very serious question… You would be kind enough to give me a nickname?
A: chocolate fudge sundae

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