Jennette McCurdy visits Disneyland in her jorts

Posted on March 29, 2012

Jennette McCurdy was spotted at California Adventures in Disneyland on March 29th, 2012.

Jennette indirectly tweeted about the outfit that she wore that day:

I feel way more comfortable in jorts and a hoodie than anyone in their right mind should.

Hillary Phan (pictured above) had met with Jennette multiple times in the past at Disneyland. This is what she said about Jennette:

Gotta love how she always comes without a guard or tour guide.

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One response

  1. Alex Maldonado says:

    Jennette es una EXCELENTE persona.
    Yo pienso que ella es muy buena, y tiene mucha sencillez en las cosas que hace y dice.

    Ella se merece lo mejor en la vida, y me alegra que esté triunfando y deseo que sea muy feliz y que todos lo que ella desee, que pronto se convierta en realidad.