Jennette McCurdy talks about her guest star appearance on Bucket and Skinner

Posted on March 26, 2012

Popstar uploaded a new interview with Jennette McCurdy and talked about her upcoming guest star appearance in a brand new one hour long episode of “Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventure” titled “Epic Breakups”.

Check out the video below for the full interview:

During the interview, Jennette mentions that she plays a character named Devan who is friends with Kelly (played by Ashley Argota) until they parted ways after middle school. They are then reunited and discover how much Kelly has changed since then.

When asked about being on the Bucket and Skinner set, Jennette describes it as being fantastic even though she was pranked as part of her initiation. The pranks included scattering her script all over her dressing room and Dillon tweeting from her phone with excessive exclamation points. Jennette is still thinking of ways to prank them back.

Since the title of the episode is related to breakups, Jennette mentioned that she was always the one who initiated the break up. She also provides advice for anyone who has endured a breakup by surrounding yourself with good people and move on. She also encourages to be yourself rather than try to impress someone. Jennette says that it’s easy to tell if someone’s trying to impress. She believes that chemistry is most important and plugs her fake site for relationship advice

Popstar also asks Jennette about what to do about not fitting in because many of their readers mentioned that they feel they don’t fit in. Jennette happily relates to them and wears her offbeat personality with pride because it’s fun. There’s plenty of people who don’t fit in, so she says it’s best to meet those people.

Jennette was asked if she could pick anyone to perform at prom and she thought that having Adele perform would be “pretty spanking awesome”. Jennette would also love to see Maroon 5 or Vampire Weekend.

Speaking of music, Jennette says to be prepared for her new album which will be out soon. With regards to tours, Jennette isn’t exactly comfortable being on the road all the time. She would rather be centrally located with her friends and family. There’s still a possibility of her being on tour with many fond memories.

The last question Popstar asked Jennette “How would you describe your closet in one word?” Jennette simply stated with the word “Organized”.


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