BurnTheBody.com coming soon

Posted on March 16, 2012

Jennette McCurdy and Allison Hardy’s site called BurnTheBody.com displays a “Coming Soon” splash page and an email center to ask questions. Additionally you can email them at: burnthebody@gmail.com. You can also subscribe to their Youtube Channel, like them on facebook and follow them on twitter (@burn_the_body)

Click here to visit BurnTheBody.com

Site Updates

2 responses

  1. When will, BurnTheBody.com be released? I’m so excited for it, but my laptop is in for fix, & I want my laptop to be here when BurnTheBody.com is released, so I can fangirl, I do have a PC, but it’s so slow, & we I don’t have a sound card so I can’t hear anything, thats why I want my laptop to come back before it is released, I don’t mind it releasing before my laptop is back, but I just wanted to be there when it’s released, thankyou! Love you Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy!!! <3'<3'<3'

  2. So is she still our Nerd Queen or is it now Nerd King or is it Nerd Queen/King?