Jennette McCurdy writes a heartfelt poem for her fans

Posted on March 14, 2012

Jennette McCurdy is extremely appreciative for the support her fans have given her. It has touched her so much that she wrote a poem on her official facebook page, titled Thank you and you and you.

I know I say thanks a lot,
this is no exception.

another thanks to let you know,
I notice your affection.

the little things you do for me,
each day in, each day out.

they make me smile from ear to ear,
and quite joyfully shout.

the big things make me smile more,
they naturally do.

the montages, and websites,
the covers made by you.

the drawings drawn, the chosen words,
the voting and the views

the follows and the “likes” and
every single one of you.

thanks for your support and for your
kind and gracious ways

thanks for your time, you’re all sublime.
you make my every day.

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3 responses

  1. She should write a book of poetry.

  2. Very touching….just another reason why I love Jennette!

  3. Jéssica says:

    I’m speechless … is perfect.
    I really loved. <3