Jennette McCurdy throws a surprise twitter party

Posted on March 12, 2012

Late on March 11th, 2012, Jennette announced that her one million follow party officially began where anything goes.

twitter party right now! in celebration of 1 million followers! i’ll answer questions, reply, dm, etc… go! #jennetteparty

Many questions were answered during the half hour party including few extra surprise answers, such as a new iCarly episode name. Check them out below.

Q: Whats been your favorite memory from iCarly?
A: so many. it’s been 5 years of my life. maybe the igo to japan episode or the upcoming prank episode or itwins or AHHHH

Q: Which is your favorite episode of iCarly? and…in your life…you identify with sam? btw I love Generation love is amazing
A: you’re great. thanks so much. favorite episode is itwins or ipie or iapril fools or iown a restaurant. changes all the time tho

Q: what’s your favorite friends episode?
A: christmas episodes!

Q: Congratulations! how are you on this lovely night?
A: i’m just dandy, how are you doing?

Q: I was just wondering how much fun it is to work with Miranda and Nathan!
A: so much fun, they’re a hoot and a holler, respectively

Q: What was your reaction when you learned that you have more of 1 million people following you?
A: something of a mouth-gaping, eye-widening shock

Q: Jennette party? For what?
A: reaching 1 million!! woo!!

Q: So many people are asleep! Shoutout to the kiddos snoozing?
A: shoutout to the sleepers. i hope you all read some good dr. seuss before you conked

Q: Makes me a tattoo with your name!
A: that sounds painful

Q: I need your CD to Brazil
A: i hope it does!! maybe you can order one online? thanks for the support

Q: It tis my goal tonight to have an adorbs pet name. Please?
A: ok fluffy munchkin, ok.

Q: What’s it like being one of @ArianaGrande’s bestfriends?
A: @ArianaGrande i love her so much!!

Q: Would you follow me even if I don’t have your name in my username? Or do you only follow your fan accounts?
A: i try to solely follow fan accounts,to give em a special treat, u know? i appreciate anyone who gives me any of their time tho!

Q: Any news about “”?
A: working on a splash page now

Q: I wan’t to join the #JennetteParty !! I’m your biggest fan !!
A: yay! thanks for joining. wanna be the dj? what’s on our playlist?

Q: i tried ur tweets but u were wrong.. they didnt taste salty, it tasted more like tacos filled with just mustard & ketchup.
A: yumm hard corn shells filled with yummy condiments. i thank you for your hospitality

Q: my daughter is a big fan! Could you write something to her? I will translate ;) LG from Germany
A: hello to germany! and hello to your daughter. thank her for watching and for her support

Q: tell us about your new show!

Q: I wish you follow and reply to me. I love you
A: party all day!

Q: i ask this every single time but.. anything you can tell us about your new show?
A: not much yet, but I’ll tell you all as soon as I can! I hope you all love it and I thank you all for your support in it!

Q: you like Harry Potter?
A: LOVE harry potter. lovelovelove

Q: Congratulations on 1 million followers! I say let’s go to an amusement park!

Q: I love you so much please you can say “HOLA”? You’re so awesome!

Q: The real important question…your favorite Arrested Development character…come on
A: tobias or george michael

Q: Do you like apple juice???????
A: of course. i like all juices. i’m not mad at any of them.

Q: What book are you currently reading?
A: just read night circus. loved that. reading a bunch of biographies now. fun to learn about the great things people have done

Q: Any interest in the Hunger Games movie?
A: i’ll definitely see it!

Q: I hope you get my letter I sent you! I love you and hope to one day get a reply! You mean so much to me!
A: i don’t have my p.o. box anymore – i had to shut it down! But i try to communicate with my fans lots through twitter, fb, etc

Q: I asked @jennettemccurdy about 30 gazillion questions but no answer. Oh well. I love you so much Jennette, and that will not change.
A: i’m sorry i missed your gazillion questions. bit of a twitter overload right now. imagine i gave you a gazillion answers!!

Q: YEAH,1 million followers! Congrats! My question is..What’s your Hogwarts House? I love you very much. Come to BRAZIL!!

Q: Why Phoebe is your favorite character on Friends? I love you so much!
A: she found a way to keep her delivery and tone fresh and new up to the final episode. amazing

Q: Are you wearing a hat right now to celebrate?
A: wet hair and grinch pj’s. #doesthatcount?

Thank you all very much for joining in that party. Twas fun. You’re a great, classy bunch.

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  1. Oh well, I’m not of her fanbase afterall. Good luck to her.

  2. when is the new season of icarly?

  3. do you like the show Psych

  4. have you ever sorted in to pottermore yet. I know you love harry potter.. your favorite hogwart is Ravenclaw? because I saw you wearing ravenclaw wearing. and also pottermore will suit you in the right houses :)