Jennette McCurdy talks about a scary car accident years ago

Posted on March 9, 2012

In the April 2012 Bop Magazine, Jennette reveals one of her scariest moments of her life when she was only 12 years old. Below is the entire article written by Bop Magazine.

As the clock struck midnight on Jennette McCurdy’s 16th birthday, the iCarly star dreamed about celebrating with her family – but NOT about getting a driver’s license. While most 16-year-olds can’t wait to grab the keys, Jennette reveals a scary car accident when she was 12 made her want to wait to hit the road.

“It was so terrible”

Seven years later, Jennette, who’s now 19 remembers everything about the accident and tells BOP the chilling details. “Someone hit [my family and me in our car] and the airbag went “poof!” it was really, really scary,” she remembers. Seconds after the accident, Jennette knew she was hurt – that’s when the ambulance arrived. “I had to be put on a stretcher and I heard [paramedics] saying, “She’s got temporary paralysis in her left arm,’ I couldn’t feel my whole arm.” Soon after the accident, Jennette’s arm healed – but that night is one of the reasons she waited to get her license until just months ago. “Ever since then, I’ve wanted to take it really slow,” she admits. Today, Jennette’s totally dealt with the accident and bought her first car (a white Mini Cooper!) late last year. She spills that she’s a careful driver, but she loves cruising around Hollywood. “I drive myself to the iCarly set,” she says. “And my car is so cute!”


5 responses

  1. I’d love to know what kind of ‘Extras’ she had added to the car.

  2. On a serious note, I was in a car accident when I was 6. My sister had crossed the railroad tracks just as a train was coming down the track. It was a brand new 64 Impala. Well a car in front of her suddenly stopped and she rolled back onto the track a little. When the train hit her car, I was in the back seat. It took out the trunk of the car, but I luckily wasn’t hurt. It taught me to always be a careful driver and never take chances like that ever.

  3. Shebdjzbshanf says:

    I was in an accident 2 days ago. Got away with a couple of bruises. My frien was driving, an she didn’t notice a red light, so we whammed into the side of a 4×4 without braking at 50mph. Nobody was hurt seriously, thank god. Both cars were wrecked though. Its frightening, least to say.

  4. Me and my dad was in recently hit from behind our was car totaled it so scary.

  5. Omg that is scary I love you so much