Jennette McCurdy hosts a quick Q&A with fans

Posted on March 6, 2012

Jennette McCurdy had some extra time before filming an iCarly episode so she decided to host a quick surprise Q&A with her fans that lasted about 15 minutes.

In the hair and makeup trailer… how about a quick q and a? Include #askjennette !

Q: Who would be a dream to duet with?
A: Rebecca black

Q: what did you wanna become when u were little?
A: an archer

Q: will you be touring in New York?
A: trying to figure out if/when a tour schedule could work. Very busy schedule!

Q: What’s your favorite season AND seasoning?
A: winter, garlic salt

Q: any news about the chances for an iTwins Sequel ? #WantToSeeMelanieAgain
A: I hope so!

Q: if you could create an ice cream flavor what would it b?
A: ranch dressing surprise

Q: is @yaboyboogie interviewing u today
A: is @jennettemccurdy a fan of @YaBoyBooGie ? Yes.

Q: did you like sing with Miranda cosgrove?
A: we sing on set together constantly

Q: Hi Jennette! Who is your best friend?
A: @allisonsh @MirandaCosgrove @saltycornucopia @DianaTayUSC @ArianaGrande

Q: i REALLY hate zebras. They’re just striped horses. agree?
A: I like that they’re the Charlie Chaplin of horses

Q: Any updates on burnthebody website?
A: working on it daily!

Q: Who would u rather date, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, or Raj?
A: Sheldon no question

Q: do you know yesterday I heard by first time Have to say goobye and Don’t You Just Hate Those People and I loved it?
A: thank you!

Since it was short session, it wasn’t able to trend. Jennette had to return to the iCarly set but thanked the fans for their questions.

Thank you all! Back to work for me


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  1. Missed the session cause I was at work. Can’t wait for her next one or even a new ustream.