Exclusive Q&A with Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress

Posted on March 3, 2012

BOP & Tiger Beat recently interviewed Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress regarding St. Jude and their latest event called the “Math-a-thon”. Below is the exclusive interview between BOP and Tiger Beat with Jennette.

BOP&TB: Do you want to start by telling us a little bit about St. Jude and how you got involved?

Jennette McCurdy: Sure. I guess I was probably 14 or 15 and found out all they did for kids and I had no idea that no family that goes there has to pay a dime for everything for their child and also they offer housing and they have such a great cafeteria where the kids could eat with the doctors and I was also really taken back by the children that I met there and the connections that I made with little kids like this little boy, Caleb and a little boy, Logan and they really touched my heart in a big way and I just thought I want to be able to partner with this charity however I can because they, they’re a charity in a true sense. It’s all everything that they say that they’re doing, they’re doing.

BOP&TB: That’s great. And you’re working with Math-a-thon right now in a sweepstakes to bring someone to the a Nickelodeon set, right? Tell us about how you’ve been involved with that contest.

Jennette McCurdy: Yeah, I actually worked on the Math-a-thon, we, Ariana, Nathan and myself, shot a promo for that a few months that and I think it’s a really great campaign that St. Jude is doing where kids can print out math problems from their computer, they do those math problems, so they can ask a parent, or an aunt or uncle, a neighbor, whoever, an older sibling and for every math problem that they do, they get a certain donation to sponsor them and all that money goes to St. Jude, so it’s a really great way to help a charity and also to brush up on your math skills.

BOP&TB: So when fans win contests and get to come to the set and see tapings, how does that go? Do you guys get to interact with them much? Is there anything special that you guys have planned for the St. Jude winner?

Jennette McCurdy: Yeah, whenever somebody wins a contest or a sweepstakes or anything like that and they get to come visit us on the iCarly set, they usually come visit us on a run-through day, which is really great because we tape two days a week, but we rehearse three days, so a run-through day is a rehearsal day and we rehearse all day long and then we perform the show from first to last scene as if it were a play or something, so there’s no cameras there, but our entire writing staff is there and they get to watch and see what works and doesn’t and everything, so I like that the fans get to see the episode as opposed to just shooting and seeing a scene or two. But, we always just go over and we’ll sign a poster for them and talk to them and it’s always fun to meet somebody who’s won a contest. I was always that kid who entered the contests and didn’t win or meeting the people who won and knowing that they actually do exist.

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