Dan Schneider confirms possibility of producing Jennette McCurdy’s new show

Posted on March 3, 2012

Dan Schneider recently hosted a Q&A between him and fans with the tag #AskDanWarp on twitter. Dan responded to a fan question and mentioned that he will most likely be the producer of Jennette McCurdy’s upcoming Nickelodeon show.


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  1. So what does this mean for icarly? Will it ever pick up again and will Miranda, Nathan and Jerry be on her show?

  2. In reply to Stacy. This is the last season for iCarly. Miranda is going off to do the ‘college thing’. Jennette has a new show of course and her singing career. Jerry might start directing more shows. As far as iCarly, maybe down the road we’ll have an iCarly movie special, “Where’s the ham, Sam?”

  3. I am surely going to miss iCarly I always looked forward to it but shows don’t last forever. But there are still good times with Victorious and Jennette’s new show.

  4. Is there going to be auditions for the show soon , and if so what age group are you looking for ? I love all of your shows, hopefully one day we can work together. By the ways I`m 12

  5. Age groups? Try outs?

  6. natasha ocland says:

    i think it would be really cool if jennette got her own show, because you know she can dance, sing and act. we all know she is greatat acting but in icarly they never really showed that she could sing. as for the show it has reached its 6th season and that the only show i know that has done that so that probably why its ending, because it has too many episodes. but they will probably still have other things todo for example, miranda will preforming live and the boys have such comidy talent that they will end up in other shows or even movies. they all have something to do even if icarly is over and i cant wait to watch jennettes new show. it will bring out her god given talent to everyone that watches.

  7. when does this ”show” come out because i wanna be in it!!!!!!!!!! age group please

  8. What is the new show called? When r auditions? What is the age group for each character?

  9. Hey when r the auditions for the show and where r they?Im an actor and I’m 15

  10. Yay I love jennette mccurdy I am her biggest fan I think she’ll go farther than miranda cosgrove.! <3 so what's the show gonna be called and what will it be called.?

  11. & when will it be on nick.? & will nathan kress be on jennette mccurdy’s show bc tht would be totally awesome.!?

  12. Hey, everybody, my mom always love Jennette McCurdy… She give her name for me!!!
    I am crazy for can work in her new show…

  13. Can you please tell what age group and when auditions are? I need to know! please?

  14. if you’re looking for a 13 year old british guy who can act, i’m always avaliable ;) :)

  15. ya you should do online auditions because i am a 5”6 12 year old!!!

  16. Please let us know the age group and where the auditions are! I’m wiilling to do anything. It’s been my dream forever

  17. I would love to audition!!!!!! How could I audition for the show?