Jennette McCurdy hosts a surprise Q&A for her fans

Posted on February 21, 2012

To thank her fans for being extremely supportive, Jennette decided to host a quick Q&A with the hashtag #askjennette. Once again, it became a worldwide trend within a matter of minutes.

Thank you all for everyeveryeverything… a little thank-you q and a starting now! send me your questions.. include #askjennette

Q: you and nathan are dating?
A: nope. nathan’s like my brother. oh, little quiff

Q: what’s your favorite music at the moment?
A: jessie j and the script

Q: do you have thick hair.. I have ALWAYS wondered..
A: my hair’s super thick. it’s a beast. it can’t be tamed. that’s why miley cyrus wrote that song by the same name

Q: what is your favorite make up product
A: i love laura mercier illuminating powder

Q: how r u feeling after the teeth pullout? i’ve been worried about u
A: thank you! they hurt but I am doing pretty well. only soft foods. maybe i’ll blend up a hamburger

Q: favorite character from back to the future?
A: marty and doc. come on, is there another option?

Q: When Icarly Is Over what is Your Plans Do You want To pursue Your Music Career or Acting Career?

Q: do you have a favorite dress you’ve worn to an event/award show?
A: for dresses, I liked 2010 AMA’s, 2012 KCA’s, iparty with victorious premiere, and hall of game awards

Q: describe Dan Schneider in three words
A: creative, genius, loyal

Q: how does it feel to know that is close to 1 million followers?
A: geez can’t wait

Q: what is your favorite thing about working with Dan??
A: i grew up admiring his work and now i have the honor of admiring his work and his person.

Q: If you had to guess, how many times would you say you’ve watched the complete “Back To The Future” trilogy?
A: i’ve seen the first film over a hundred times for sure!

Q: What quality do you most admire in a person?
A: honesty and humor

Q: Miranda is considered her best friend?
A: definitely one of my best friends. cosgrove is one of my favorite people

Q: what’s your favorite Sheldon Cooper line?
A: gonna have to go “bazinga” on this

Q: where did you get “mebejennette”?
A: my brainhole

Q: how do you get in character for Sam?
A: primarily pull-ups and jumping jacks

Q: would you like to do a duet with Adele?
A: wouldn’t everyone?

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how badly do you want your fans to hear your entire album?
A: 27

Q: Describe Allison in 3 words.
A: crooked, kind, sharp

Q: How do you feel about your female fans calling themselves McLesbians?
A: find it adorable/hilarious

Q: What’s your favorite type of pizza?
A: plain cheese if you please

Q: how did you walk in the heels you’re wearing in your backround!??
A: lots of tripping

Q: What do you think of the crazy things fans do for you? You like it?
A: i love it so much

Q: what’s your favorite vacation spot?
A: new york city!

Q: What is the ONE thing that irritates you beyond belief?
A: water bottle caps not being screwed on tight enough. COME ON

Q: Spend a day in Hogwarts or travel in time with Marty McFly?
A: that, my friend, is a difficult question.

Q: Describe the cast of iCarly in one sentence!
A: the best nerds i’ve ever met.

A: love italy. go mario mario and luigi mario!

Q: Are you excited for @Kpfan72491 and my beauty channel dedicated to you?

Q: Can you come up with a cute nickname for the name Gracie?
A: Clutzy, the opposite

Q: why is it so hard to get you to notice me
A: hey baby!

Q: if you weren’t an actress or singer right now… what would u be doing?
A: universal studios tour guide. “oh no here comes jaws”

Q: I bought their album is perfect, congratulations, I do not tire of hearing.
A: thanks cinnamon roll

Q: Do you prefer Italian or Japanese food?
A: toughy. love both. gimme some pizza sushi and we’ll talk

Q: You’re album has helped me through so much, thanks honey boo boo <3
A: i’m so glad to hear that

Q: what star wars planet would u live on?
A: hoth, i love wintry things. but i’d need a big coat.

Q: Are you aware that tens of people in New Zealand ♥ you, me included?
A: thanks to new zealand!!

Q: making any more covers anytime soon?
A: i might have a few planned as soon as my cheeks aren’t swollen ;)

Q: -ugly cry- can we be bestfriends?
A: my best friend is @allisonsh . but you can’t certainly be an honorary one, since you’re ugly crying and all. ;D

Q: what is your favorite pastime? Love you girl! follow me please
A: i love writing sketches, going to the movie theatre, and watching tv


Q: Are my ugly cries unworthy of your attention?
A: all ugly cries are worthy of attention. i mean, just think about it.

Q: What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?
A: i really enjoyed Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The Artist.

McCurdians, ya done it again, kids. Thanks to all.


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  1. I missed out on this Q & A but I see a good time was had by all.