Break Your Heart: nominated for BOP’s Playlist for Break Up Song

Posted on February 12, 2012

BOP has placed Jennette McCurdy’s song, “Break Your Heart” in their playlist poll for Break Up Songs (Valentine’s Day Edition), up against other popular songs. Here are the nominated songs up for the playlist position:

“Break Your Heart” by Jennette McCurdy
“Back to December” by Taylor Swift
“Bang Bang Bang” by Selena Gomez
“Til I Forget About You” by Big Time Rush
“Keep You Away from This Girl” by R5

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2 responses

  1. R5 is leading this catagory with Jennette a distant second. I’ve heard their song on YouTube and all I’ve got to say is, “R5 Please stop, you can’t sing and I have no idea who thought you could.” If you don’t believe me, look them up on YouTube singing this song they are up for and they are flat and soo offkey.

  2. the contest ended and she came in 3rd behind BTR and the winner who can’t sing R5