Jennette McCurdy on the set of iCarly with guest stars: One Direction

Posted on January 31, 2012

Jennette McCurdy recently filmed an episode of iCarly with British boy band One Direction guest starring. She tweeted about her experience on set with the boys.

Shot all day with One Direction. They are so sweet! Good actors, too. It was a blast having them around.

The title of the episode is iGot Jungle Worms. MTV published an article on what happens in the upcoming episode:

Carly returns home sick after a trip and discovers that One Direction has accepted an invitation to perform on their web show. Not long after arriving, bandmate Harry becomes sick and we see Carly doting over him. Realizing Harry is playing sick for the attention, they hatch a plan to get him back in the group by telling him Gibby has become their newest bandmember

Below are pictures of Jennette with lucky fans who got to meet both the iCarly cast and One Direction

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  1. I was in this episode!!!!!!!! :D