Jennette McCurdy talks about her new album and earliest musical memories

Posted on January 29, 2012

Cambio recently added another video from their interview with Jennette McCurdy which covers the topic of her upcoming album. When asked about her earliest musical memory, Jennette said:

My very first musical memory is of my mom singing “When you wish upon a star” to me. She has a really pretty voice and I remember that well.

She mentions that she listens to Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts. She grew up listening to Shania Twain, Hall & Oates, and Phil Collins. Jennette also added that she knows every word from the Barenaked Ladies “Stunt” album. Jennette says “Everything you experience, you can draw from and write a song about”. So whenever Jennette becomes inspired, she uses an app on her phone to record herself saying a line or humming a melody.

Her album comes out in the first part of 2012, which includes 10 tracks that she is very proud of. Jennette talked in more detail about the two songs that she recorded, “Heart of a Child” and “Hate those people”. Her favorite song, which is a ballad, is called “Heart of a child”. She feels like her whole journal in one song so she hopes the song really connects to listeners. Her other song, “Hate those people” is the complete opposite. It is an up-tempo song and is dedicated for anyone who is single and doesn’t enjoy seeing couples showing their affection in public. As soon as she heard it, Jennette says: “Yes, I’m recording that!”

Jennette hopes that once people hear her songs that they’ll listen to it frontwards and backwards a thousand times because her whole life has been written for the album. Below is the interview video provided by Cambio.

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