Jennette McCurdy answers fan questions with the top worldwide trend

Posted on January 21, 2012

Jennette McCurdy is known for creating worldwide trends but have successfully made #FatCakes the top worldwide trend during her half hour Q&A session with her fans.

Send me your q’s now! Include #fatcakes

Q: What’s your favourite accent?
A: british and Australian!

Q: If you could play any other character besides Sam on iCarly, who would you choose?
A: t-Bo!

Q: What’s your favorite @HunterHayes song?
A: storm warning, somebody’s heartbreak

Q: apparently it’s national hug day… care to send a hug this way?
A: for my pumpkin scone? Of course

Q: will your album be out worldwide?
A: yep soon!

Q: Are you currently dressed as a fatcake?
A: yeah, I always dress as a FatCake because it’s so normal

Q: Miranda’s favorite music?
A: miranda loves all kinds of music. Top 40, classic rock, tons

Q: Would you rather be a chicken or a turkey?
A: a turkey, because no one wants to be chicken

Q: Can you describe Jerry with 3 words?
A: zany, genius, trainor

Q: what do you think about brazilll?
A: LOVE brazil!!

Q: I love mustaches, you like mustaches. Do you think we could ever be mustache buddies? :{)
A: mustaches all around

Q: Can you answer this question?
A: what was the question?

Q: what do you think about Jerry Trainor in a mustache?
A: he could rock it

Q: Is Allison you best friend?
A: yes ma’am @allisonsh

Q: Funniest moment on set?
A: too many to mention. We’re always cracking up

Q: Would you be offended if I started calling you Honey Boo Boo Child?
A: offended? More like honored

Q: Are you planning on having CD signings?
A: I would love to!!

Q: #fatcakes is trending!!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!
A: thanks baby!!

Q: The funny thing is I can really see you in my mind reading all the Q’s LOL
A: I must look pretty funny when I read the q’s to make you lol

Q: What was the best prank you did?
A: that’s like asking Edison what his best invention was

Q: did you know that it was @mrszacharylevi that came up with the jennette mcsexy trend? cool eh?
A: aww you guys are amazing. My fans are the funniest, coolest, craziest beasts I know. Let’s take over the world

Q: What’s the last movie you’ve seen?
A: extremely loud and incredibly close, Hugo, tinker tailor soldier spy.. I’ve seen a lot lately

Q: Plan to do CD signings? I have a special gift for you that I’ve been workin on for 7 months!:)
A: aww!

Q: Just wanted to let you know that you’re truly amazing, and beautiful ♥ love from France !
A: yay to France! Love to all my French fans

Q: Who’s your favorite character on Friends? That’s all I need to know. I love you so much!
A: Ross seasons 1-4, chandler 5-7, Joey 8-10, phoebe always, Rachel 3-10

Q: greetings from mexico loveeeee followw meee
A: yo Mexico! Mexiyo!

Q: Hey! I love you! Thanks for being so amazing to us!
A: you should!! I love how my fans are such a family and they all talk to each other and work together. We have so much fun!

Q: Can we be best friends? Hi I’m Sabrina, I watch Friends, love ugly dolls w/ mustaches & drive in shopping carts.
A: well that description sounds promising

Q: Hey Jennette I’m so excited to your album! could say something about it? How do you feel?
A: so excited!I love the album that will be at justice becuse it’s all uptempo, great, fun tracks. Full length album shortafter

Q: favorite miranda cosgrove’s song?
A: dancing crazy!

Q: ugly crying for Raha rn.
A: the great thing about every time someone ugly cries Is that it always makes someone cute laugh

Q: Ron or Harry?
A: Ron!

Q: how do you feel about the wind
A: the wind is a great thing

Q: I’ll be in LA this summer , only because I want to meet you. How crazy is that? You’re my inspiration
A: no kidding! Where you gonna be?

Q: How can @jennettemccurdy play this horrable girl such as sam!!!!!! She is so NICE in real life
A: thanks sugar

Thanks for your q’s, everyone! #1 trend. You guys are boss!


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