Jennette McCurdy and the cast of iCarly stars in the Rosie Show

Posted on January 17, 2012

Jennette McCurdy and the cast of iCarly traveled to New York to visit Rosie O’Donnell for a special episode of The Rosie Show. Their first-ever group interview lasted for an hour including Q&A from the audience and concluded with an impressive finale. Jennette answered the following questions.

Q: Are you a vegetarian? And if you are not, do you like bacon?
A: I am not a vegetarian but luckily I do like bacon. I eat so much on the show all the time and I don’t think I’m that crazy of a meat eater but you do what you gotta do. Oh and I have a great story. I had to eat so much ham in the first episode that I threw up and I had to eat more after that. It was really awful, I haven’t had any ham since.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages to being famous?
A: I think that one big advantage is the just fact that the reason why we do what we do is because we like to entertain people. So that fact that we get to entertain so many is great and to see you guys laugh at us and enjoy us. We feel welcomed, so thanks. Thank you so much!

Q: Did you guys do a program at all similar to this before you were actors to start off your career?
A: I did an acting class that helped with memorizing because you always have to memorize a lot of lines and it can be so tough at first.

Q: I really want to know what a fat cake tastes like.
A: A fat cake tastes like coconut and chocolate and a lot of creme. They’re “good” and I say that lightly. They’re not fantastic. The chocolate cake is a little dry sometimes and they come prepackaged so it’s not like they’re freshly made or anything so it’s probably been sitting in the package for a couple of years. It’s like really dry and I just spit them out.

Below is the Rosie Show episode below (Miranda’s solo interview has been removed)

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    I Love You So Much
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  2. justjennette, could you please put the whole interview? Please, I’ll be grateful :)