Michelle Obama joins iCarly cast at Hayfield Secondary School

Posted on January 14, 2012

On January 13, 2012, Mrs. Obama joined the iCarly cast in Hayfield Secondary School in Alexandria, VA for Joining Forces (an initiative to support our nation’s military families). A pre-screening for the newest iCarly episode “iMeet The First Lady” was shown for military families. Michelle Obama met with students, answered questions, and even joined in on random dancing onstage with the iCarly cast.

Jennette McCurdy was interviewed about what it was like to have Michelle Obama on set for the episode.

Seventeen published an article about a recent Q&A with the iCarly cast:

Q: It’s so cool that Michelle Obama is guest staring on iCarly! How did that come about?
Jennette: Mrs. Obama actually wanted to be on the show, so that was exciting. Somebody from the White House called one of our producers. They laughed because they didn’t think it was serious. But several months later when Michelle Obama walked on set, we saw that they were very serious!

Q: What is the episode about?
A: She sees the webcast because her daughters watch the show and she feels bad that we can’t connect in person with Carly’s dad. Some things in the webcast go array, so that sucks as well, so she gets involved…Our executive producer came up with the storyline and I think it’s a great way to connect with the Joining Forces iniciative and it really seemed authentic

Q: How are you ever going to top Michelle Obama?
A: I don’t know! The president! I don’t think there’s a way to top the First Lady. We just better keep the jokes running and bring the funny.

Q: You guys also have iCarly iSoundtrack II coming out January 24, which is exciting.
A: I think the iCarly iSoundtrack II is a great party playlist. You can have a slumber party or birthday party with your friends and just play it in the background. There’s a lot of great songs by Miranda, The Ting Tings, Ke$ha, Leona Lewis and then we have the whole iCarly cast singing. I have a song on it. It’s a fun soundtrack!

Cambio also posted video asking Jennette about the upcoming episode.

Popstar also talked with Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Noah Munck about their experience with Michelle Obama.

Below are more photos from the event:

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  1. Hello Jennette,
    My name is Lezlie Romero , i am 12 years old soon to be 13 in may. Attend Hayfield Secondary. I loved the new show , just finished watching it! I wanted to give you a huge hug but sadly i was in the back. You are so pretty , i wish i was like you FAMOUS.


  2. Hey Jennette ur awesome I go 2 hayfield secondary n I wish I could’ve had a conversation wit u u r my inspiration 2 become an actress n a singer