Jennette McCurdy answers fan questions through M Magazine

Posted on January 14, 2012

Jennette McCurdy hosted her Q&A on January 13th at 4PM EST on M Magazine’s official twitter account. Since there were so many questions asked, it became a worldwide trending topic on twitter.

Everyone it’s Jennette McCurdy from iCarly! Send me your questions now:) #JennetteMMag

Below are the questions Jennette chose to answer.

Q: Johnny depp is still your idol ?
A: Yes, one of them!

Q: you plan to visit Brazil and feel close to the CRAZY LOVE of his brazilian fans??

Q: can you describe @ArianaGrande in three words?
A: lovely. outgoing. sing-y

Q: A word that defines you ?
A: salty

Q: favorite book?
A: i love the Harry Potter series.

Q: any news about the album ? I’m more psyched than a psycho-o for it!
A: so are you still psycho? it’s coming out very, very sooooon :)

Q: One character from any TV show that you wish you could marry?
A: Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory

Q: what is your favorite episode you filmed of icarly?
A: I like iGo to Japan

Q: Something remarkable or funny backstage at iMeet first lady ?
A: Mrs. Obama told us that her daughters told us what dance moves she could or could not perform

Q: How do you feel when you meet your fans?
A: EXCELLENT! I love meeting fans in person and thanking them for their support

Q: Where are u right now? [HONEY BOO BOO, COME TO BRAZIL!]
A: I am in a bus on the way to the airport :)

Q: Do you like Katy Perry?
A: Yeah! I love her attitude and her songs make me want to dance!

Q: I know you’ll not answer me but i don’t bring my hope down.Who’s your idol?
A: hi!

Q: What is your favourite episode of iCarly?
A: really liked iGo to Japan

Q: Hey Jen, what is your favorite Sam Puckett’s line?
A: There are so many!

Q: Her album has already release date?
A: it’s coming out very soon! stay tuned for news ;)

Q: Do u think come 2 NY? i really wanna meet u. my biggest dream. hope 2 see u there
A: I was in NY this week with the cast of iCarly!

Q: OMG!! they are all so good!:), but i would have to say iGo to Japan!!!:)that was so funny!:)wbu?
A: that’s one of my favorites too!

Q: Michael J Fox or Johnny Depp?
A: Um, tough call! I admire them both!

Q: An unforgettable event on the set of icarly ?
A: Meeting Mrs. Obama was pretty unforgettable

Q: whats your favourite song on your album??
A: it changes depending on my mood but i really love “Have to Say Goodbye” because it’s got a soulful vibe

Q: of all your songs, which one is you’re favorite?. P.S I LOVE YOU!!
A: Love you back!

Q: who is your inspiration?
A: my mom. i think she’s so strong and optimistic.

Q: If Samantha Puckett was a real would you hang out with her?
A: YEAH! Absolutely. It would be dandy

Q: What is your favorite dessert ?
A: mmm, dessert….

Q: I’m so excited for your album. when will it be released?
A: Thank you so much for your support!

Q: someday you will come to Brazil?
A: Would love to!

Q: Do you see this tweet?
A: What tweet?

The Q&A lasted about an hour and before she left she tweeted the following:

Thank you very much for all your questions. I loved hearing from you guys! :)

M Magazine tweeted a screenshot of the worldwide trend and thanked Jennette for joining their twitter account.

Thanks @jennettemccurdy for taking over our Twitter! It was a worldwide trending topic! :)


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