Jennette McCurdy to answer fan questions via twitter tomorrow

Posted on January 12, 2012

@jennettemccurdy is taking over our twitter tomorrow!! Tweet us your Q’s and write #JennetteMMag!

M Magazine recently tweeted that Jennette McCurdy will be taking over their twitter account to answer tweeted questions on January 13th at 4PM EST.

You can send in your questions before and during the tweet Q&A by tweeting to @m_magazine with the hashtag #JennetteMMag. The lucky ones will have their questions chosen for Jennette to answer. The sooner you send them in the better chance you have of getting answered. Good luck!

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  1. I have a question . What do i do at the moment im starting to get these depressions because bioth of my cats died today, they were both mauled by a pack of dogs that were loosed from the vet in this town called “Kenora”, I’m starting to feel all weird in the head and my body. I dont know what to do, I thinki i need serious help because, My mother who had twins on the way . but that diddent seem to work out the way they planned,. well thats enough of me. You have my full support jennette .
    the end?