Jennette McCurdy hosts another Q&A for her fans

Posted on December 11, 2011

Jennette McCurdy announced that she will be answering questions sent by her fans on twitter with the hashtag, #askjennette

question and answer session! include #askjennette with your question. the more unique the question, the better…

It took less than 10 minutes before #askjennette became a worldwide twitter trend and as a bonus, Jennette answered even more questions.

#1 trending topic! you guys are amazing!

keep sending your questions with #askjennette ! Because you got me to #1 trend, I shall answer quite a few more

Below is a list of questions and answers:

Q: what’s the CRAZIEST HAT you’ve ever seen/worn?
A: my jack skellington puffy hat. i also have a mustache hat. but that’s totally normal so..

Q: Can you post your album cover? :) Love you! And can’t wait for the album!
A: thank you so much! album cover coming soon.

Q: what was your favorite tv show as a child?
A: i loved older shows, gilligan’s island, cheers, laverne and shirley, facts of life, bill cosby show, three’s company etc

Q: would you rather battle a dinosaur or a unicorn?
A: a dinosaur. seems like more of a challenge. aren’t unicorns prissy?

Q: Who’s your favorite cast mate from iCarly?
A: love em all.

Q: What’s your favorite Christmas song?
A: Carol of the Bells

Q: if you had a time machine and go back for 80s, what would you do first?
A: sing “Power of Love”

Q: If you had to pick between going skydiving and getting a tattoo, which would you pick?
A: skydiving baby

Q: you’re a real person or only exists on TV?
A: i only exist on tv. this tweet is not coming to you from a real person.

Q: Best song to sing while in the shower, using kid shampoo?
A: “I can’t make you love me”. echos really well in showers

Q: if you were to change one thing in the world what would it be?
A: i’d make thing one thing two, just to confuse dr. seuss

Q: What is the most profane thing you can get away with saying right now?
A: this is definitely a trick question…

Q: What obstacles did you have to go through to get this far?
A: there was a burning ring of fire somewhere in there…

Q: what’s ur favourite food??It will become and mine:)
A: you should have your own favorite food and then our favorite foods can become friends

Q: Can u wish a happy early bday to @Ritamusic143?
A: happy early B!

Q: What’s the best costume you’ve ever worn?
A: i like ones with facial hair

Q: what is your favorite song?
A: right now, anything on the @hunterhayes record. seriously, listen if you haven’t

Q: answer this question?
A: is there even an answer?

Q: who’s your best friend?
A: @allisonsh

Q: If your life was made into a book or movie, what would the title be ?
A: “I Can’t Believe My Life is a Book… or Movie.”

Q: Where did you get the picture that is in your BG? It’s simply fabulous!
A: thanks! it was from the In Time premiere

Q: if you get mega-famous would you star in Willy Wonka 2: He is Now Wonkier?
A: only if i could play willy himself

Q: What do you more like in your Brazilian fans?
A: i love my brazilian fans. you guys are crazy supportive!

Q: ugh, I give up …
A: giving up never did anyone any good, madaam

Q: Where, how and when you met Allison Hardy (@allisonsh)?
A: June 26th, 2009

Q: what will you do when you reach 1 million?
A: something snazzy and incredible and wonderful

Q: how old is your best friend, @allisonsh ?
A: @allisonsh 104

Q: DO YOU LIKE @mirandacosgrove ??
A: love her! one of my best friends

Q: why did you love Nathan’s quiff so much ?
A: because it cracks me up

Q: we love your hairs. What shampoo do you use? #askjennette please answer we. We excited for your reply.
A: i’m glad you don’t just like one hair on my head, but multiple

Q: what’s your favourite time of year?
A: Christmastime! parties for hosting and marshmallows for toasting, you know

Q: Have you gone car shopping? Any idea what whip you’ll be pushing?
A: yes i have… i’ll have to tweet a picture or something when i get it!

Q: please notice me ! Just , Hello Casper
A: wait, am I casper?

Q: Would you prefer a light saber or a good old steel sword?
A: light saber. is that a real question?!

Q: Can you wish me a happy birthday? It was Last Monday
A: happy lastmonday birthday!

Q: do you remember we congaed when I met you?! It was fantastic.

Q: Totally watching Fred the Movie right now! XD Love it!
A: thanks baby!

Q: Hot chocolate or eggnog?
A: hot chocolate, sugar

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?
A: too many to count

Q: What word defines Jerry Trainor?
A: undefinable

Q: Check out this fun video I made for you a while back? What do you think?
A: love your video! thanks for making it!

Q: you will come Turkey in 2012??? Because I love you,I need you… (@MyLife_Jennette)
A: i love your account!!

Q: did you know that your fans are called mccurdians?
A: I love my #mccurdians!

Q: Are you afraid of heights?
A: only in terms of people

Q: When the next Cover ? Please answer, I love you so You’re so cute , I still have hope

Q: Ahh! Im so happy I skipped doing my Calculus for your Q&A now! Thank you for replying! YOU HAVE MADE MY YEAR! :’)
A: woo! now get back to your calculus. school matters, kids

Q: Jennette, my birthday was on December 2nd, but would you please, would you tell me happy birthday?
A: happy belated birthday to you! lots of december birthdays tweeting me today…

Q: Will your CD be released in Russia?
A: well it will be available digitally on itunes and amazon as well as in stores, so you can download it from there!

Q: I really admire that you continue to tell this generation to read and be educated. No one else does that.
A: why thank ya

Q: Are there any songs on the album we haven’t heard yet that mean a lot to you?
A: YES. you should get the record when it comes out! lots of new material that i really am proud of

Afterwards, Jennette tweeted a picture of the #1 trending topic, #askjennette

Thank you guys for all your fantastic questions… and for the #1 TRENDING TOPIC! You guys are the best.


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