Jennette McCurdy signed under new agency

Posted on December 2, 2011

On December 2nd, an article by Deadline Hollywood was released about Jennette McCurdy who has now been signed under UTA (United Talent Agency) who also represents popular actors such as Johnny Depp and Harrison Ford. The article writes that there is a possible pilot episode and mentions that she might be transitioning into pop music. Below is the full article:

Young actress-singer Jennette McCurdy has signed with UTA for film, TV, music and other areas. She was with CAA. iCarly co-star McCurdy plays Carly’s (Miranda Cosgrove) best friend on Nickelodeon’s top series, which begins production on its the fifth season in January. McCurdy has a talent holding deal with the network for a pilot that would be a starring vehicle for her. Her credits also include Nickelodeon’s Fred: The Movie. On the music side, McCurdy is about to release a country album through Capital Records Nashville and is looking to segue pop music. She continues to be represented by Chris Huvane at Management 360 and attorney PJ Shapiro.

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8 responses

  1. Well this sure is interesting. I can’t wait to see this pilot, I wonder who will be writing it. I know that Jennette will do an amazing job no matter what she does. I am curious to see what happens with her music though. I really hope she stays within the country universe. But I know if she does change to pop, I’ll still listen to because she’ll be a real stand out talent no matter what.

  2. Why would Jennette release a country record, then totally abandon the genre and its fans by going pop? Hope this article isn’t true because it seems very disappointing after hearing about all the hype with her country record, not to mention it sounds very Jessica Simpson-ish. McCurdy said in many interviews in the past that she grew up listening to country music and that it was her inspiration for going into music! If Jennette goes pop after releasing her country record, I’ll never pick up anything from her again, sorry, just my opinion.

  3. I think when they say segue into pop they mean like lady a or faith or shania. They still country but you will see there video on vh1 too. Not like Taylor swift who is often consider totally pop.

  4. Look she didn’t go pop when Nick asked her too and I don’t expect her to do that now. Kay is on the right track in that she’ll be a crossover artist like Faith Hill and Shania Twain.

  5. Wow I really do not want her to switch to you pop music but you know what ever makes her happy

  6. I really love Jennette and her music, acting, dancing, ice skating, rapping, beat boxing and all of her other skills. I’m glad she is looking into different genre’s of music, but Jennette’s a country girl! I really admire her and she is like my rolemodel, but I really think she should stick to her roots and go country.
    I never cared about country music. Then Jennette came into my life. Now I love it.

  7. Woo! I’m excited for her, but does this mean she won’t be on iCarly anymore?