Jennette McCurdy attends Jerry Trainor’s performance

Posted on December 1, 2011

After hosting her uStream, Jennette McCurdy went to Groundlings to watch Jerry Trainor in the improv comedy show, The Crazy Uncle Joe Show.

So excited to see @jerrytrainor in the crazy uncle Joe show @Groundlings ! Wooo! Yippee ki-yay

Below is a photo tweeted by Seth Perez of both Jennette and Jerry after the performance.

Jennette then tweeted her reaction to the show.

Geez, @jerrytrainor killed it! So funny. @Groundlings

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One response

  1. Never thought of Jerry with a beard. Kinda like Nathan. Whatever floats their boat. I bet Jennette was so loud with the laughter that Jerry couldn’t concentrate and had to say something to her. I see her trying to cover her mouth, but still laughing loud like when he called her on her ustream and left voice messages.