Jennette McCurdy calls fans during her live uStream

Posted on November 30, 2011

Jennette McCurdy hosted her 4th straight uStream of stuckbeingjennette titled, “Stuck in my head”, which aired for well over an hour. Although we did not get to see a special guest, some lucky fans got a a chance to talk one on one with Jennette! Before she went live, Jennette asked her fans to tweet with the hashtag #callmejennette in order to get temporarily followed which would give them access to send their numbers privately to Jennette directly. There were so many requests, Jennette got the top twitter trend in just a few minutes! This is what Jennette tweeted once she found out:

look what you guys did! worldwide TT! i thank you for your hospitality

you guys are so great. keep tweeting #callmejennette . gonna call a few more than i originally planned for tonight’s ustream becuz u da bom

You guys are the best! Thanks for the TT! wish i could call all of you. but that would take years. so there’s that.

Below is recorded video of her latest StuckBeingJennette stream. Jennette was overly excited and could call more fans during her next uStream.

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  1. It’s funny that she could have a show about paint drying on the wall and I’d still watch it. Just to see her smile and laugh.