Jennette McCurdy hosts her second uStream

Posted on November 17, 2011

After a busy day in San Luis Obispo, Jennette McCurdy hosted her second uStream session on Wednesday, November 16th. Before the stream, she asked her fans to send in questions via twitter to answer during the webisode. The stream titled “Stuck in my Teeth” was packed full of shoutouts, hilarious stories, Bazinga texts, random singing, and calls to Nathan Kress, Miranda Cosgrove, and Dillon Lane. Her recent teeth cleaning was the inspiration for the name along with her theme of being stuck in unfortunate situations.

Below is the entire stream in case you missed it. She is planning on making another one, possibly next week. A HUGE thank you to Jennette for the shoutout and for both endorsing and enjoying the site. Also, many thanks to her fans that has been visiting regularly as well!

Jennette Updates, Video

5 responses

  1. Jennette McCurdy is beautiful. I love her so much.

  2. Congrats again on something bigger than a simple shoutout. She advertised your site and complimented it to the Nth degree. She is correct about everything about your site. It’s well put together, always on top of the latest news of her comings and goings, and helps new fans understand her much more than you get on other media outlets. I am proud to say that you helped me out so much when I first became a McCurdian and helped me understand her. Thank you for that. I continue to learn everyday what new and exciting stuff she has in store for all her fans. Thanks again! Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. Deny_McCurdian says:

    Huge Congrats for Jennette’s big shoutout to you! you deserve it more than anyone! :) you are a great McCurdian!! :) much love Deny, a fellow McCurdian. xx

  4. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Brittany Rodiger says:

    i Hope she dose another U Stream I Enjoy watching it so much i Love you Jennette