Jennette McCurdy set a worldwide trend on twitter for the third time!

Posted on November 5, 2011

After spending time on the Nickelodeon set for a holiday themed promo, Jennette wanted to do another series of twitter Q&A with the tag #askjennette. Within minutes, it became a worldwide trend for the third time! That’s the power of her fans.


Below are the questions that Jennette chose to answer.

Q: If one animal got to rule the world and you got to choose which animal it was which animal would you choose?
A: squirrels, i think they’d do a pretty good job running the world

Q: what’s the best crazy dream you’ve had?
A: willy wonka and the chocolate factory related

Q: Will you come back to Australia again soon? I wanna meet you!!
A: i hope so! i loved australia!

Q: How you doin’?
A: good, thanks. how you dern?

Q: What is your most memorable moment from this season of iCarly?
A: i liked the iToe Fat Cakes episode a lot. they were all really fun this season!

Q: do happy meals make you happy?
A: yes, especially when icarly toys are included in them

Q: If you weren’t an actor, what would you be doing with your life?
A: writing, but i can’t imagine not acting

Q: favorite holiday tradition?
A: making cookies, looking at lights

Q: do you know Spanish?
A: cuadernos (that’s the extent of my spanish speaking knowledge)

Q: what’s your favorite part about the 80s? Like a song, movie, actor…
A: back to the future

Q: ninjas or pirates?
A: ninjas for agility, pirates for personality

Q: let’s have a party sound good ??
A: sounds good, am i obligated to bring the chips and dip?

Q: Eyes or Smile?
A: both. i always notice a person’s eyes and smile first

Q: how was it working with cody simpson on bucket and skinner?
A: great, he’s a really cool dude.

Q: Excites for Christmas?! What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
A: so excited! love christmas!

Q: i just wanted to say i love you a lot! And what’s the best vacation that you’ve been on?
A: i thank you for your hospitality

Q: If Barbie is so popular why do you have to BUY her friends?
A: because anyone fake is buyable

Q: who’s your favourite superhero?
A: batman. can’t wait for the next movie

Q: Have you ever had someone steal your thunder?
A: no, i keep mine in an airtight container.

Q: twilight or harry potter?
A: is that a real question? harry potter

Q: who inspired you to start acting?
A: han solo

Q: When you come to Brazil? We hope very much your coming here!
A: hey brazil!! thanks again for voting me for funniest character! YOU GUYS ROCK

Q: do u hate Nathan Kress in real life and Miranda Cosgrove your BFF!!!??
A: Miranda and Nathan are both great friends of mine

Q: skirts or dresses?
A: dresses, unless it’s a really good skirt. and by really good, i mean made out of a map or something

Q: who do you hang out with the most on icarly ?
A: miranda. we go see movies and hang out at amusement parks and stuff! but i see everyone a good amount. they’re all great

Q: Mustaches or Beards?
A: how about both?

Q: Did you know any of the iCarly cast before shooting the show?
A: nope! but it’s been 5 years now

Q: Do you prefer horror movie or comedy?
A: comedy. haven’t seen too many horror films actually

Q: If you could have any superpower, what kind would you have and why?
A: read minds maybe. or fly

Q: what’s your favorite song right now?
A: i’ve been really into the hunter hayes record

Q: Which would u eat a pizza or a burrito??
A: pizzaaaaa

Q: which show would you like to guest starr in? not necessarily a nick show.
A: psych or big bang theory or arrested development

Q: Do You will Make a new album?
A: i have an ep available on itunes and amazon. full length cd coming soon…. news to come after that … ;)

Q: Do you have pictures of your friends in your room?
A: yes i have framed pictures of my friends plus drawings my friends have given me as decor. especially ones from @allisonsh

Q: Will you post anything new on your tumblr?
A: been thinking about making a new one… should I?

Q: Short or tall guys? (Man, my questions keep getting worse and worse! :P)
A: i don’t pay attention to height really. i’m 5’3″ so i could roll with tall or short dudes

Q: Are u the shortest in your family ?
A: nope, mom and grams are shorter

Q: Do you bought Unbroken, @ddlovato’s new album?
A: yes maam. @ddlovato did an amazing job. i love every track

Q: Which is your favorite Star Wars movie? mine is the revenge of the sith
A: probably return of the jedi..

Q: you consider your best friend Nathan Kress
A: my best friend is @allisonsh

Q: What’s your favorite line that you’ve said as Sam on iCarly?
A: “why you so stupid?”

Q: When are you happiest?
A: when i have reason to be

Q: When will we hear your amazing voice On an album?

Q: what is the funniest thing you and ariana have done?
A: made lemon curd? or sometimes our dance routines can get pretty crazy.. or our accents

Q: Are you excited for @ArianaGrande’s first album?
A: YESS! Yay go @arianagrande

Q: whats the best part about making Icarly
A: making people laugh. obvious but true

Q: Woooooooo @jennettemccurdy prefers Harry Potter to Twilight. I think I might cry of joy.
A: let us cry tears of joy together. take that, cullen.

Q: jam or jelly?
A: jam. less letters. easier to say.

Q: Are You Going To Do A Concert/Meet&Greet In London At Some Point?
A: i certainly hope so. I love london! accents, driving on the right side of the car, tea and crumpets.. what’s not to love

Q: I’m really looking forward to your album! You can say something about it?
A: i hope you love it!!

Q: do you think you can beat me in a rap battle? Because you cant. Just sayin
A: that a challenge or a fight? u think you’ll win, i think i might. straighten your back, hold on tight, ima spit and that’s a site

Q: your top TT! How do you feel about that?
A: great! Thanks to my fans for making the trending topic possible. I can never say thank you enough to my dedicated fans

Q: what is your favorite song of @BrunoMars ?
A: count on me

Q: Describe @NathanKress in two words.
A: responsible, reliable

Q: Describe @MirandaCosgrove in two words.
A: endearing, sweet (mellow, youthful, and fun were also options)

Q: do you still loves jerry ~ trainor ~ ?
A: always. always

Q: if you got to be in a movie, who would you want to play you?
A: antonio banderas

Q: last time you laughed ?
A: a few minutes ago. laugh often, live better.

Q: How do people manage to spray paint graffiti on the side of a large building?
A: they stand on a ladder and, wait, i shouldn’t know the answer….

Q: describe in two words?
A: vivacious, warm

Q: Most important person of your life?
A: mom

Q: do u like to eat other peoples tweets?? I think mine are peppery
A: sounds like we’d compliment each other

Q: describe Jerry Trainor in two words #askjennette
A: smart, convicted

Q: Salted or Sweet Popcorn??
A: salted, like life

Q: You and @DrakeBell are still friends? #askjennette
A: yes Drake is amazing! very talented, very kind

Q: If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?I told said you’re a cute? Haha #askjennette
A: nice stache. i dunno, in a way i do get to be someone else every day. but someone else else? i’d say anyone else

Q: Jenn, describe yourself in two words
A: why not?

Q: 3 words that describe you
A: candid. Salty. Curious

Thanks for all the great questions, kids! I got to a lot of you. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to everyone. I’ll catch you next time, champs

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  2. I’m seriously more and more getting the feeling that Jenette McCurdy is the female version of me (beside of that Pizza thing, Burritos all the way).

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