Jennette McCurdy gets her drivers license!

Posted on September 20, 2011

It’s true, as of September 19th 2011, Jennette McCurdy is street legal. Dan Schneider tweeted earlier with a mysterious celebration in mind to honor Jennette. It was later revealed what the celebration was about with the following tweet:

To which Jennette replied:

Many fans are curious as to which car Jennette has decided to drive. Could it be her dream car.. the DeLorean?

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4 responses

  1. Now Jennette you can drive with the wind in your hair and your favorite tunes blasting out without having to have a co-pilot. Enjoy the freedom.

  2. i don`t think that it is humiliating i thin its kinda sweet because i also haven`t got my driver`s licence jet.

  3. Theo van den Elshout says:

    Jennette congratulations on your license.
    now you can enjoy driving around.
    greetings from the Netherlands Theo van den Elshout.

  4. “Jennette McCurdy gets her drivers license!
    | Jennette McCurdy” was truly entertaining and educational!
    Within modern universe that is challenging to carry out.
    Thank you, Clarice