Jennette McCurdy’s advice on body image

Posted on September 8, 2011

Nickelodeon recently posted an article about the celebrities providing advice to fans in the pages of M magazine. Here’s what Jennette McCurdy answered when a fan asked about her body image:

Maria-Theresa, 12: “Hey Jennette, girls at my town’s community pool started calling me chubby when they saw me in my bikini. I know I have curves but I never thought I was overweight. Should I listen to them and go on a diet?”

Jennette: “Believe me, we all go through body image issues. For me, it was looking at super tall and skinny models and getting insecure. Really, we all have different body types. All that matters is that you exercise, eat right and feel good about yourself.”


3 responses

  1. See Jennette, you know the truth and that’s what makes you special to all your fans.

  2. That is the truth idc what people say about me smas long as i feel good bout myself & Jennette if you need an audio engineer email me :)