New article about Debra McCurdy’s condition

Posted on August 26, 2011

In the latest issue of J-14, Jennette McCurdy discussed about how she felt when she heard the horrible news that her mother ‘s cancer had returned and had spread throughout her body to her sinuses, lymph nodes, ribs, spine, and pelvis. It has gotten worse since May when she learned that the cancer was now in Debra McCurdy’s brain and she has to go through aggressive chemotherapy.

Here’s what Jennette had to say:

“At first, I honestly felt shocked and numbed. I don’t think you ever imagine that something that horrific could happen twice. I felt sad all the time and there were times when I felt angry. The entire situation sort of hits me in waves – I feel the worst when it’s quiet and I’m alone but that is also the time when I process it the most. I had always always had a great relationship with my family and good friends, but the entire situation just strengthened those bonds. Small stupid things that once seemed so important are now trivial and inconsequential because I have a totally different perspective. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the good, Enjoy little things. Remeber it’s not ‘uncool’ to love your family.”

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6 responses

  1. jasson melo says:

    Jennette in this life we have to be hard by the disease of cancer is very interminal not let this cancer overcomes us there to fight and fight this disease so I am praying to my God for your mother to make this good and is not improve be sad my god knows how to handle your things

    Do not be sad Pray for your mother

  2. Theo van den Elshout says:

    hi Jennette i know what you,re going through.
    my father is deceased of cancer in 2003 still miss him every day.
    keep strong and keep believing in your mother get better.
    i pray for your mother.
    do not be sad pray for your mother.
    you make us laugh at the fans i grateful to you and i hope you can laugh again in the future with your family it,ll be okay know it.
    i am with my thoughts with you.
    greetings from a big fan of yours Theo van den Elshout from the Netherlands.
    bye bye.

  3. Miss MCcurdy first may I say that tears come down my face every time I read the artical about Moma MCcurdy. I pray for Moma MCcurdy every day. Just keep a positive attitude I know its heard to do, but it helps the situation.

    Your number one fan

  4. I hope she beats it. I wish her all the luck in the world. God keep her safe.

  5. Jeannette you have to be strong and know that God has a plan for you,a plan to make you prosper even in the toughest times and you should know this is all a

    test and you gotta pass it dont give up everything will be ok

  6. Nila Kay Arlington says:

    Am so very sorry to hear of your Mom’s passing. Remember she is now in a much better place, out of her pain and able to be with many of her friends & family once again.
    Your 2ndCousin,
    Nila Kay Arlington