Jennette McCurdy answer fan questions over a live video chat

Posted on August 24, 2011

Stardoll presented Jennette McCurdy who was wearing her Rebecca Bonbon shirt. She answered questions asked by the users on Stardoll about her life, ambitions, goals, iCarly, and Rebecca Bonbon. Watch the video below for the entire hour long video chat.

UPDATE the transcript of the entire video chat has been added

Q: How do you react if something embarrassing happens for you?
A: I just laugh it off, I don’t really get embarassed too easily I think because I’ve had so many embarassing moments in my lifetime. Pretty much at least every hour something happens where most people would you know turn red and cringe and hide their faces for the next month or so, but not me. No, I relish in those moments, they make me for who I am.

Q: What is your favorite book at the moment?
A: That’s a good question! Read kids! Reading is a great thing. I just read a book called “Second City Unscripted” It’s a comedy troop called Second City that’s based in Chicago and it’s kind of a history of how that originated and it talks about all the different comedians that were part of second city. I also read “Me talk pretty one day” by David Sedaris, been really into the humor drama lately. What have you been reading?

Oh you know what I just saw? I saw Harry Potter, the last Harry Potter and I’m a huge Harry Potter fanatic, so that was awesome. I went to the theater with my brother and my mom and I felt like I was saying goodbye to a large part of my childhood because it meant so much to me. I was Luna Lovegood one year for Halloween. I was Hermione another year. And I may or may not have had a ferocious itch in my right eye towards the end of the film caused perhaps by a tear. I’m just going to say, maybe..maybe not. No guarantees.

Q: what is it like knowing the cast of icarly for so many years??? :)
A: First of all thanks for the intensity of the question. And also thanks for providing a smiley face at the end so I know you’re not mad at me. It’s awesome, I mean we’ve been doing the show since 2000.. I don’t know it’s been a while, been close to 5 years so we’ve ecentially grown up together because we’ve spent all of our, what would’ve been our highschool years together. When we started the show, Miranda was 13, I was 14, Nathan was 13. Noah was not a cast member yet. And Jerry was in his 30s, I’ll say that. So spending these last 5 years together has been awesome, we’ve gotten to know each other so well, we all get along great and we hang out on set, off set. It’s just wonderful to be working with people everyday that you get along with so well and love so much.

Q: What’s it like to play Sam? Any Shout-Outs To The Cast?
A: It’s great to be Sam, I love my character! I wouldn’t trade Sam for any character because it’s great to be somebody that I can vicariously live through and you know I’ve never been in jail. I don’t go around beating people up, so it’s great that my character does cause I get to express that side of me through that character. I don’t have to worry about going to jail myself. Any shoutouts to the cast? I doubt any of them are watching but if they are.. “hey guys!”, maybe Nathan, he might be watching… kidding. Noah’s probably listening to Beastie Boys, he’s got bigger things on his plate.

Q: what and who is your fashion inspiration.
A: I don’t really have a particular person that I look up to and say: “Oh I want their style!” but I do spend a couple of months just kinda looking through at all the fashion magazines you can pick up at your grocery store or whatever, cause you can get so many ideas from that and then after I start looking at those magazines for a while I starting thinking you can draw inspiration from anywhere. You can draw inspiration from a film you see or from one of your favorite decades, and it changes so much. Fashion is constantly evolving, so I kind of just throw whatever feels right that day. Don’t think too much about it, you know. I got some gold boat shoes that are my most worn shoes, so they rock.

Q: I saw you at the Red Carpet of the American Idol finale, were you wearing a Rebecca Bonbon shirt??
A: Yes I was! I was wearing a pink one, it had studs on it. It was a V-neck, and it was 110% Rebecca Bonbon, as is my shirt right now.

Q: what is your fav song? p.s. love ya
A: P.S. thanks! My favorite song right now, I don’t know. I listen to so much music all the time. I like this band called miniature tigers. It’s really weird but they have a song called Giraffe. I guess I’m liking the animal theme lately. I also just got the Maroon 5 record, Hands all over, and I like that which is surprising, cause I never considered myself a Maroon 5 fan. I really like that record, it’s really kind of soulfull and blues inspired. I like the bass on it. I’ve also been listening to De La Soul, which is kind of old rap and some Kendra Lamar, which is also rap. I don’t know why everybody keeps giving me all these rap songs to listen to I guess I seem like a straight up G.

Q: What inspired you to be an actress/singer?
A: I was inspired to be an actress by watching Star Wars. I wanted to be Han Solo. So that’s the story of that. As you can tell I am not a male nor am I Han Solo, so that didn’t pan out, but here I am acting, yay! Dreams do come true. I wanted to be a singer just because I always loved listening to music and singing along. I can never recall a time where I never sang in the shower or singing in the car. So it’s always been something really fun for me. To be able to do both now is quite incredible. I’m glad I get to enjoy what I do. Yay for loving your job.

Q: Are you excited to be a part of Rebecca Bonbon Collection
A: Yeah! That’s why I’m sportin’ the shirt. Get yourself one kids. Or 5. Just make your whole wardrobe a Bonbon wardrobe. I don’t know what to tell ya. You can mix and match all the pieces. You can make cool outfits. You got good colors. Rebecca Bonbon is the way to go.

Q: how do you feel after you perform a song?
A: It feels good if it went well, you know. Generally it’s sort of a rush to hear people applauding you and stuff. But to be honest with you, I always feel I’m going to throw up right before I go on stage. I’m a nervous wreck. When I’m acting, I don’t get quite as panic striken before starting a scene because you know it’s cameras and our crew and whatnot. But in person for a concert and stuff, all the fans are right there in front of you. And if you mess up you can’t say, “Oh can I take that one again, do you mind?”. You just get one shot at each song. make it or break it. Hopefully make it more often.

Q: Heyy Jennette Whats your favorite thing to do when you dont have to work?
A: My favorite thing I like to do when I don’t have to work is I love going to the movie theater. I go to the movie theater all the time. Oh I love going to comedy shows! I probably go to 3 comedy shows a week. That is my favorite thing to do. Nothing like laughing. If you’re not laughing, you’re not living. I love going to amusement parks as you can tell. I go all the time and I live for the rush of a rollercoaster. I also love writing. I write daily, just all sorts of different stuff. I love writing essays, which is weird.. but I write frequently. I also watch old shows on DVD, been getting into news radio lately, you should check it out if you haven’t. It’s a very good show. I just finished watching the whole series of Friends, which was amazing. I got on so late but it was a wonderful experience while it lasted and now I’m looking for the next show that can move me as Friends did. I love listening to music, all the basic stuff. Been swimming lately, got a little sun, you can’t really tell.

Q: how do you see yourself 10 years from now ?
A: That’s is a long time away, whoa! I don’t know, I really it sounds so cliche it’s really bad, I don’t think that far in advance. I’d feel like I’d be.. I can’t know what’s going to happen 2 months from now let alone 10 years so I usually try to plan within a closer timeline. But I do know I’d still love to be acting. I’d love to be in other aspects of the film industry. That’s just kind of my lifelong goal so I can you know stand strong in saying that.

Q: I love your eyes!! what are some weird quirks about you?
A: Personally, thank you. Second, weird quirks, where do I begin? Ok! I wear mismatched socks everyday because my grandfather did my laundry when I was younger and he lost alot of my socks so I didn’t have a choice then. But now it’s gotten to the point where if I walk out the door with matching socks, I can’t make it to the car without running back inside and switching to mismatched socks, so it’s pretty bad now. I just tweeted about this quirk yesterday. I put milk in my root beer. I think it tastes so good, it’s fantastic. I love it. Other weird quirks, they’re so abundant! Well I keep amusement park wrist bands until they fall off. Quirks are great.

Q: How does your character compare to the way you are in real life???
A: You have to have some degree of your character in yourself to be able to expand upon that. I think Sam and I are different.. I mention in the chat that Sam has been to juvy I think 4 times. Now I wouldn’t even have the luxury of juvy. It’d be real jail for this 19 year old. I’ve never been to jail.. thanks mom. I don’t beat people up all the time, and you know, Sam’s really abrasive, crass. Sam’s very sarcastic.. I’m definitely sarcastic but I like to think I’m not as rude. But Sam is a loyal friend, you’ll never see Sam really be rude to Carly and although she’s rude to Freddie.. always.. if somebody is rude to Freddie, she will defend him. That’s kind of like her territory. So I think Sam’s a loyal friend and I think I have that in common with her, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. You tell me.

Q: Whats ur biggest dream ? p.s ur awesome
A: Well thanks. My biggest dream.. I don’t know! I have so many dreams. MY biggest dream.. I like to.. I don’t know, if you tell you dreams do they not come true? I’m kind of nervous about it. I feel like maybe I shouldn’t say anything for fear of them not happening.

Q: hey do you date Nathan in real life, and do you have any fashion tips
A: No I don’t. Everybody asks this. No. Just because you date somebody on a television show or your characters date, it definitely doesnít mean that it translates to real life. Nathanís a great friend of mine, He always, you know he has been the entire run of the show, and Iím sure he always will be. But No, were not dating. It would just be weird. It would literally be like dating your brother. Every time we have to do kissing scenes on set itís so you guys…Itís so horrible. Itís just dreadful. We try to get it done in as few takes as possible because it is something neither of us look forward to. Kissing your brother. Kissing your sister. Not a good time. Not a good time. Just Saying. Oh and do you have any fashion tips.. yeah I mean for fashion tips I think just it’s always important to dress for your body type, something may look great on somebody else but it’s not going to look great on you because everybody is different. It’s what makes us special. I can’t really wink, that was my wink attempt. That’s another quirk about me! Can’t wink. So I just think dressing for your body type and dress in stuff that makes you feel comfortable because that’s when you’re going to be able to be yourself the most and be the happiest. And you should never wear something that you’re going to have to worry about like tugging or you know fidgeting with the entire day. Wear something comfy. That’s my tips. Pretty straightforward right?

Q: Whats your favorite food?[And don’t say pickles!] btw i love you your awesome!!!
A: I guess you’re probably referring to when I drank pickle juice on the show. That was really nasty! It was suppose to be water with green food coloring and our prop master played a prank on me and actually put in pickle juice just to see if I would continue with the scene. I did, I went through. Commitment. I’m sure that makes a great blooper somewhere though cause my face could not have been reasonable when I was drinking that pickle juice. It had to be contorted in some awful way. My favorite food is.. I love sushi. I also like grilled cheese sandwiches! Grilled. Cheese. Sandwiches. My mom makes a mean one. My mom does hers like the traditional way with cheddar cheese or whatever plain yummy bread. And I do mine, I’m getting crazy here… I do mine on wheat bread and I do it with pesto, and I do it with bacon. I do it with pepper jack cheese. You’re welcome. Try that at home. It’s really really good. I also like apples. I have at least an apple a day.

Q: how do you guys do the kiss scenes?
A: You just kiss.. not much to it beyond that.

Q: do you really like spegetti tacos?
A: I think we’ve eaten them on the show maybe 2 times and I actually do enjoy them. I don’t mind them at all. You got kind of the squishyness of the noodle, hopefully el dente with a bite to it. And then you got the crunchyness of the taco, you got some merinera sauce, it’s really tasty, I like it.

Q: How do you prepare for the show?
A: That’s a good question, I don’t get that too often. Our schedule is we shoot Monday through Friday. It takes five days to do one episode. So on Monday we all go into our studio and we do a table read which is where we sit around and read the script cover to cover. And then we go rehearse all of our scenes. And then on Tuesday we come into the set and we rehearse our scenes again and we do a run through which is basically we perform the entire episode first scene to last. Like a play with our producers watching. And then on Wednesday, we have to have all of our lines memorized and we do a run through and we rehearse again and then we do a run through for the network, so it’s a little bit fancier run through, there’s more people there. Pressure is a little bit higher. And then on Thursday and Friday, we shoot all of our scenes. You know preparing it’s like anything, the more you do it, the more aquainted you get with it , the easier it gets but still you definitely, you have to put a lot of work into it. I mean we have a couple.. we had a blooper episode, hopefully you guys have seen and we have another blooper episode coming up this season and I love watching bloopers, I really do because you get to see how much fun it is and you get to see everyone laughing. I don’t know about you, but when I watch blooper reels, I just feel like I know everybody on the show, the blooper reel that I’m watching, and I love it. I feel like I’m you know one of them, but also you know I think it’s important to know that those are the rare moments. The bloopers are the exceptions, we really have to kind of be on our game and we can’t mess up because everybody on the crew is working hard and most of them have families they got to get home to sometime in the evenings so if we mess up our lines and we make them take a long time, that’s not good. All we have to do is say stuff. The least we can do is say it right.

Q: Is it cool modeling clothes?
A: Yeah it is! I’d have to say my Rebecca Bonbon photoshoot that I did was definitely one of my favorite photoshoots. Everybody was so nice and I loved all the clothes and it was really fun. I got to do fun poses and listen to good music. The photographer was really nice and everything was really comfy, it’s great. Sometimes when you have to do photoshoots, like I was saying, when you have to wear itchy clothes or you’re like pinned into stuff, it takes 7 years to get it off. The Rebecca Bonbon shoot was great. So yes, it was fun modeling clothes in a good environment. That question was from Japan. Hey Japan! One of my brothers studied abroad over there at Kyutusanyu university, I believe. He’s an animator.

Q: Jennette what hair style do you like better, curled or straight?
A: Obviously I wear my hair curled on the show and I wear my hair straight in real life because it’s just easier for me to do so I can reach the back pieces. I’d be something like this trying to curl it around, that’d be pretty difficult. Either way I like it both ways, straight is more of a casual confidence. When it’s wavy I feel it’s more like I’m being Sam. So there’s that. But I like it either way. Eh, doesn’t really matter. Hair, what are you gonna do? It’s on your head.

Q: What kind of job would you choose if you were not famous?
A: What kind of job would I choose if I wasn’t in the entertainment industry.. I don’t know, I’d probably be like a Universal Studios tour guide or something because I’d have to find someway to be talking to people. I would just, I mean here’s the thing if I wasn’t in the entertainment industry, I’d still be trying to be in the entertainment industry. So there’s that you know? When you know what you want to do I think it’s a good thing. I know what I wanted to do since I was 6 years old and I’m able to do it. But if I wasn’t doing it, I’d be trying to do it. So whatever you want to do, stay focused on it, and work hard at it, and make it happen. Make it happen!

Q: What’s your favorite Rebecca Bonbon shirt?
A: My favorite Rebecca Bonbon shirt that I have at home that say London in Paris on it and it’s cotton and long sleeved. It’s warm, it’s kinda got a neck that ends right here, you’ll probably see it in some of the pictures for Rebecca Bonbon. And I love it, it’s so cozy. I’ve worn it into set on shoot days. And I’ll change out of that into wardrobe and I wish I could still be wearing it because it’s warm and comfy. I love it! You should get that one, we could be matching. We could be twins!

Q: Do you ever get annoyed at fans?
A: No! What? No, fans are great! Fans allow me to do what I want to do. That’s pretty selfless of them, so I appreciate them so much. It’s always cool hearing 2 different quotes or different episodes that fans reference. There’s a lot of things that the fans say, like “do you like fried chicken?” or “how many times have you been to jail?” those are kind of common questions. But it’s really cool when you meet a fan asks something that you haven’t heard or that comments on why they love the show and it may be a reason that you haven’t heard. That’s always really special and it reminds you why you do what you do. Because it reminds you of that feeling that you have or it reminds the feeling that I may have, you know, that I had growing up or watching shows and thinking, “Oh I just want to be in that world! I’m sick of this world I want that”

Q: What’s your favorite color?
A: I like purple. I like blue. I like colors. Orange. Yellah. Green. Pink, they’re all good. Give me ROYGBIF, they’re all good.

Q: Have you ever given yourself a haircut?
A: I have a good story! I haven’t cut my full length of my hair but I have cut my bangs. They were really getting long last year and I was sweeping them over and we were getting ready to start back to the show and I guess this was in 2010 and I just thought “aww I just can’t stand sweeping these things over anymore” and I felt like I was fidgeting with my hair too much and it’s always a pet peeve of mine when people are fidgeting with their hair so I just took the scissors to the bangs and chopped them off way too short. I didn’t realize I got alittle scissor happy and it was difficult when I went to the set when I my bangs were too short. But there wasn’t really anything they could do cause extensions on just a part of the bangs would be really weird. So there were a couple episodes where I’ve got me some short bangs. I’d be fine if those episodes didn’t have as many viewers as the other ones.

Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A: Yes I do! (Woah! my voice ‘yes I do!’ my voice always hops up in octave when I’m meeting new people. ‘HEY! hows it going? I’m Jennette, hey! what’s up?!’ I just did a Jay Leno) I have 3 older brothers. Their names are Marcus, Dustin, and Scott. They’re great wonderful people. I get along with all of them. My eldest brother is a computer engineer. He programs computers for a living. He’s very very very smart. And my other 2 brothers are both artists. One of them (they’re both in college), both their majors are animation but one of them with an emphasis on conceptual art and film animation and the other with an emphasis on illustration. One of my brothers, he just gave it to me yesterday, it was for my birthday but I don’t know why he delayed giving it to me but he gave it to me yesterday and it’s this beautiful painting just of these trees and I don’t know, it’s so gorgeous. It meant so much to me that he would paint something and give it to me. So I’m going to be putting that on my wall very soon. Art is so great and something I can’t do at all. Literally I cannot draw a stick figure, it’s embarassing. I draw a triangle with a circle and I do lines for the legs and lines for the hands and then I usually do a big kind of helmet of hair. I’m a horrible artist, it’s so bad. I love getting art from fans! Whenever I do signings and stuff or concerts, everybody brings these great posters and these canvases that they paint on or whatever. It’s so amazing that you guys are so artistic and so talented. Something I admire alot. I’m not able to do it.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Yeah I’ve got 2 dogs named Chewbacca and Musashi. Chewbacca is a half Yorkshire Terrier, half malteise. Musashi is a jack russel terrier with a wagging tail. I have two birds that kind of come and go. And by come and go it’s not like I went into the pet store, picked them out and designated them as my own but they are really intrigued by the bird feed that we supply them as apposed to the ones that our neighbor supplies them so I’ve named them Tweetie and McFly. I like pets. I almost got another dog for my birthday this year, I came this close and then I went to the place where I was getting the dog and there was some reasons why I couldn’t get it, which was very sad to me. I was going to name him Potato too, already got a perfect name picked out.

Q: Does fried Kool Aid sound gross to you?
A: Is that real? Are you being serious? Somebody said yesterday there was fried butter or something that was available at carnivals. This is just absurd. Yes! Fried Kool-Aid does sound gross to me. It sounds horrible! Ugh!

Q: My birthday was yesterday. What do you do on your birthday?
A: Your birthday was yesterday, happy birthday! Yay! My birthday, I just hanged out with my family this year. I didn’t really do anything with friends. Oh you know what, my real birthday was on set. Interesting tidbit, the past 5 birthdays that I celebrated have all been spent on the iCarly set. 15,16,17,18,19. So I’ve celebrated them all around my co-workers/Nickelodeon family. It’s wild. Wyyold. (That’s another quirk, I do weird noises…frequently)

Q: How do you act when a popular girl insults you?
A: Well I never went to public school so I never had to deal with that luckily but I did have to do a lot of extraccuricular activities so I was sort of exposed to it to some degree. I competitively figure skated for a while, I was on competitive dance teams for a while and in dance teams some of the girls who would maybe be a little highfalutin for this kid. But you know, “water off a ducks back” that’s the saying right? Who cares. Somebody insults you, whatever. Don’t hang out with them. They’re not going to be your buddy or are you really missing out if they’re insulting you. They clearly don’t want to be buddies with you anyway . Just hang out with people that make you feel good. There’s always going to be people that are going to insult you. Just don’t listen to them or whatever.

Q: How do you deal with paparrazi and rude comments about you on the internet?
A: Paparazzis are weird. I haven’t obviously had too much paparrazi. I was coming out of a movie theater once and this kid paparazzi. He’s got blonde hair somebody I think made a documentary about him or something . He was quite intense with that camera! Ferocious. Snapping away. It’s just weird. I was coming out of a sushi restaurant a couple of weeks ago and the paparazzi starts taking pictures of me and I was maybe… not exactly you know wearing like an.. it was an I love Elvis sweatshirt, so you know what I mean. I wasn’t exactly prepped for the paparazzi. It’d be great if they could send you a little notification like “hey I’m going to be waiting right outside here so be sure to dress good”, but they don’t. There’s certain paparazzi spots where the paparazzi waits and they’ll just take pictures of you if you’re on TV or whatever. So just avoid those spots, you know. I should’ve been wearing this for the paparazzi pictures. It would’ve been way better. The sparkles could’ve reflected off the camera. I could’ve just said, “hey! what’s up?” Oh and rude comments on the internet. I don’t go on messageboards, I don’t. Nope. I don’t do messageboards. Generally use twitter and facebook and stuff. If somebody is following me on twitter, you know, generally they’re sending positive comments. And if here or there they send a negative comment, I think well you’re following me so “oh well, an extra follower thanks to you”. Call me whatever you want, you’re following me. And then.. for kind of .. let’s see comments on the internet.. what else is there? Oh and then facebook, so if somebody likes you on facebook or whatever, they’re a fan, it’s generally always very positive so I’m grateful for all the fan support that I receive on the internet and I try to really show them, show you guys how grateful I am for all that you do. Cause you keep the positive voices out there, so thank you. Thanks for being a fan, thanks for supporting me, thanks for being friendly on the internet and I’m sure thank you for defending me against the rude comments but I doubt any of you are rude commenters. Even if you’re not a fan of somebody, what provokes you to go on their page and write rude comments about them? I will never understand it.

Q: Somebody said, I love some of the shoes you are featured wearing in the Bonbon photoshoot…are they part of the Bonbon collection? They are gorgeous! Appologies I adore shoes.
A: This is interesting. The shoes were not Bonbon but there are pins and bows on the shoes that make the shoes pop, that makes the shoes look how they look and they are all Bonbon products, so you should do the same thing. You should get all the pins and barrettes and things, you can find clever ways to deck out your shoes with them. Get creative, there’s a lot of Bonbon pieces that are used in different ways. So keep your thinking cap on. Keep your designer cap on and go to town.

Q: Have you ever told a guy you liked him? How?
A: I’m pretty traditional. I’m pretty old fashioned. The guy has got to ask you out first. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know. I think if he’s not going to ask me out first, then whatever.

Q: whats your favorite dessert?
A: Ice cream! I love ice cream so much! Oh goodness gracious. I love icecream. Cookies and cream, chocolate chip cookie dough. I can have it all the time. I really could. Like for my birthdays and stuff I always just have an icecream cake. I hate frosting and I’m not a really big fan of cake so I always just do a straight up icecream cake.

Q: what is your favorite outfit wore on icarly?
A: That’s a good one. Oh you know in the beginning seasons I wore alot of bermuda type shorts, skateboarding stuff and sort of untied sneakers and I wasn’t as crazy of a fan of those. But in the past few seasons I’ve been wearing a lot of boot cut jeans with boots underneath or a platform shoe underneath and I always like that, I feel comfortable in that. I like kind of V-necks. I wore a dress in an upcoming blooper episode. The blue dress I really liked alot. That was probably my favorite. Of course I like the costumes. We got to play sunshine girls in an episode, which is like girl scouts Miranda and I did and that was really fun. Oh! My favorite costume is.. drum roll please… the cowboy who thought his mustache was a squirrel cause I get to wear a mustache. And oddly enough a mustache feels really right on me. I mean it feels normal and to be honest it looks normal too. I look in the mirror and I think like, “Yeah I wouldn’t stop that walking on a street”. I don’t know, I love mustaches!

Q: What are your pet peves? Mine is when people call me dude or dudette!
A: I will not call you dude or dudette. My pet peeve is when people don’t.. this is weird.. when people don’t screw the water bottle cap on the water bottle tight enough. Ahh it drives me nuts. It makes me so mad, just tighten it up please! For the love! Or when it’s all hot outside, the condensation is just …ugh! It drives me nuts, I just turn the water bottle upside down, so there’s none of that. None of that business.. happening.

Q: Can you give tips on how to make songs? I&#m trying to be an Artist. And of course, Your my inspiration.
A: Oh thank you so much! I appreciate that. Tips on writing songs. That’s difficult, it really has to happen in a moment when you’re struck with inspiration. You know, I can’t sit down and have a writing session with somebody but the best stuff always comes out, sometimes it has been late at night for me, but when I just think there’s just a melody that is just in my head that I can’t get out or there’s a line or a hook or a concept for a song that I think of just go “oh! I have to write that out!” and then generally I just get it all out of my system. Write it down on a page or I always carry a taperecorder around me, I have an app in my phone that is a taperecorder and I’ll just hum the melody into that or if I have lyrics and a melody I’ll sing it into that. So just when the inspiration strike. But if you’re kind of trying to force inspiration, then I would say just learn how to play an instrument. Even if you just start with a couple of chords or whatever just mess around with that for a while until something comes to you. Eventually a melody is going to come out. Can’t stop music, you know? Can’t stop the music.

Q: What do you like most about the Rebecca Bonbon clothes?
A: To be honest I just like that I was mentioning earlier you gotta wear something that feels comfortable, something that you like that you feel confident in that you go “I like the way I look in that! Yeah! Alright! Wink wink”. And that’s exactly what Rebecca Bonbon does for me. I hope it does the same for you. I’m sure it does. You know I love the colors, I love the fabrics, I love the cuts. This kind of a sleeve where it ends and I love the neck on it too. I just love it. This shirt that I’m wearing is so sort. I wish you could feel it. Mmm I caress it with my fingers. It’s great. You know, when you feel like you’ve got a cute outfit on and you feel comfy in it, that’s the absolute optimum fashion experience. And that’s what Rebecca Bonbon does for me.. and for you.. heheh creepy smile.

Q: i ALWAYS wear mismatch sox!!!
A: Right?! Better! Am I wrong? No.

Q: Whats ur favorite animal? p.s. your amazing!!!
A: Polar Bears. Thank you for your kindness.

Q: Who pranks the people the most on the cast of ICarly?
A: Uh that would be this kid! I’m a big time prankster. Uh, geez I love it. I think it’s a fun way to show comradery and to show somebody that you’re thinking of them but not in a mushy way. Like ahaha I got you! So I always you know, I’m always running after people, like I got Jerry with a watergun this season. I was hiding in his car at another point. I’m always scaring miranda and throwing toilet paper in her dressing room. Oh I just did a guest spot on a different Nickelodeon show called Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures. And those dudes prank! Sorry I just said the word dude so the person who doesn’t want to be called dude I wasn’t calling you a dude.. just letting you know. But they are crazy about pranks. They put a bunch of pictures of a ginormous pictures of John Wayne in my dressing room and threw my script pages all about so I couldn’t get through and they put a chair in front of my bathroom so I couldn’t get to the bathroom. They are heavy duty pranksters. I was intimidated. I don’t get intimidated easily as previously mentioned but I was thrown off my rocker for that.

Q: hi Jennette I LOVE iCarly im a BIG FAN! i love your makeup what products do you use
A: I’m always trying different stuff. Like I said how fashion is constantly evolving. It’s the same with makeup. I really like I mean the kind of basics are Armani foundation, I like MAC for blush. I like Chanel for lip gloss. And those are pretty much my staples, everything else I’m always switching. Eye shadows I change up a lot

A: Yes, Drake Bell and I, actually our birthdays are a day apart. We’re a couple of years difference. My birthday is June 26th, his is June 27th. So we always you know are celebrating our birthdays at the same time. He’s so nice! Speaking of pranks/bloopers, Drake actually surprised us we were at the first season of iCarly and we had a scene where all of us are eating watermelon and he just walked onto the set and started eating the watermelon. That was my first time meeting him. And of course I was starstruck. I was brand new to Nickelodeon and I had just watched a bunch of Drake and Josh so I was all “ahh Drake Bell! Amazing!” He’s so nice! He’s a great guy. He’s a very talented musician too, great with guitar and writes also and stuff. Very fun.

Q: What do you like the most of being famous?
A: To be honest, I don’t think about it as, you know I don’t think, “oh famous” you know, that’s kind of weird. I just think, I guess I’m lucky to do what I like to do everyday. It’s like when I said when I first saw Star Wars, I saw this other world and I just though, “Oh wow it’s so great to.. what they’re experiencing is something that I’d want to experience.” I love like Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison, all the Adam Sandler movies. I loved Back to the Future, one of my all time favorite movies. I loved Rainman and Good Will Hunting and stuff. Weird movies for a kid. I loved them all and I just though that I want to be a part of these worlds because they make a lot of sense to me. And now that, you know, I guess I am, I’m a part of a world that doesn’t exist but exists to all of you and exists to me in a weird way. It’s fictonal but it’s sort of real because we share it. The reason why I feel a bond with all you guys is because.. the reason why I feel a bond bond.. Hey-o, you’re welcome… with all of you guys is because you know of the show that I did. You know, that I’m doing, iCarly. So because of that I’m able to feel an immediate connection with people from all over the world. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty boss.

Q: have u ever had a celeb crush with anyone u have worked with?
A: I had a crush in the worst way on Jerry trainor in the first season. I just thought he was so funny, he could do no wrong, such a sweetheart. I loved him. And then my mom told him! It was so embarassing. So she told me, she’s like “So I told Jerry” and I go “What?” and she goes “you know” and I’m like “Geez, what?” This was back when I was 14 so I was mortified, come on! But now Jerry to this day, teases me about it. He’ll pick me up and go “Oh you’re enjoying this moment so much! You want to marry me right now, don’t you?” He embarasses me so much. You can see I’m turning red. Speaking of embarassing moments.

Q: Rebecca Bonbon clothing is beautiful and looks great, I love how you dress as you sing. you’re my idol
A: Oh that’s so sweet! Thanks! A little compliment fest there. Appreciate it. Thanks.

Q: Is there a way I can keep in contact with you?? E.x. Facebook, Twitter, myspace, cell phones? By the way, I love everything you do! U R AWESOME!
A: Thank you! Cell phone, no. For facebook yeah I have like a facebook and a twitter. I have a myspace but to be honest I’m not as active on that. But I do post to my facebook frequently and to my twitter. My facebook is and twitter is Clearly I’m very original with the usernames. My name is spelled weird, if you don’t know it, it’s J E N N E T T E M C C U R D Y. I’ll wait for 5 seconds so you can grab a pen and paper. I’ll repeat it now. J E N N E T T E M C C U R D Y. So if you want to follow me on facebook or twitter, that’d be cool! I’ll say hey to you. I like doing question and answer sessions. I post lots of pictures. And also I’ll keep you guys posted on everything Rebecca Bonbon and when you can enter different contests and all sorts of exciting jazz. So if you want to follow me for that reason more than anything else

Q: How much do you like rebecca bonbon? rate 1-10. PS ur awesome!
A: 10! Have you not been hearing what I have been saying? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Q: the creator of rebecca bonbon also made hello kitty do you like hello kitty?
A: Yeah! I love hello kitty. I have so many Hello Kitty things. Um goodness, from clothes to little accessories, from stuffed animals to purses. Oh! You know what I used to love going to the mall and, I don’t know if they still have them, the Hello Kitty grab bags. It’s like you don’t know what little trinkets you’re going to get in the bag but you pay $10 or whatever and then you get a surprise. I love that so much! It brings back memories . I’m going to have to go get myself a grab bag later.

Q: what kind of nail polish do you like.
A: That’s an interesting quirk! I’ve never had my fingernails painted. Nope. I’ve had my toenails painted though. I like the OPI. Anything, any color that they have. I’ve never tried like a white polish. Miranda love white polish but I’ve never tried it so I have to try it sometime. I love, I’ve done like Ocean Blue and turquoise. Right now my toenails aren’t painted, so I’m going to hide my feet.

Q: where can I buy rebecca bonbon clothes?
A: Kmart! Go to Kmart, grab a shopping cart, one that you push not the one that you carry cause the carry ones aren’t going to hold enough and talk to mom, talk to dad, talk to grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, sibling and tell em what you want. I mean tell it to them straight. Tell em how much you love Rebecca Bonbon, make it happen. Make it happen. Fill that cart! Fill that cart at Kmart! With Rebecca Bonbon.. yeah!

Q: Do you like to wear heels or flats?
A: I like both! I’m 5’3″ so I do like heels like when I go to events I always wear heels. But in real life I am a big advocate of flats because I’m all about the comfort. When I go to amusement parks and stuff, course I’m going to wear flats, but when I’m going to a comedy show or movie, then I’ll probably throw on some heels. Why not? Why not?

Q: Are you working on any new songs right now??
A: I’m always working on new songs. I actually.. It’s funny, I was kist talking about how inspiration can strike at odd times? And how often it strikes for me, you know late at night. And I guess it was 2 or 3 nights ago and I had this.. I was going to say great idea (a great idea in my mind!) for a song and I just was staying up till 2 or 3 just writing it and hashing it out cause I felt like you know when inspiration is at its peak for you, you can’t wait, you can’t put it off. I couldn’t have slept through that and then have woken up in the morning and be like “ok! this is what I’m going to write” no I had to get it out right then so that was the last time I wrote.. a song. I was writing some essays yesterday.

Hey! Somebody is bringing in some mail. What’s up? UPS. How’s it going? What’s he doing, he’s handing off a box. I’m going to guess whats inside. Oooh is it a Rebecca Bonbon .. oh he’s gone, later! So eventful!

Q: what makes you happiest? PS:Brazil Loves You
A: I love Brazil! Ok props to Brazil you guys are loyal fans, you’re so dedicated. You are awesome, thank you so much. What makes me happiest is probably just you know hanging with friends, laughing. If you’re laughing, how can you not be happy? Working, when I’m on set, honestly I’m so happy all the time it’s just crazy. And just hanging out with my family. You know simple things but it’s true.

Q: How do you feel about watch yourself on TV?
A: Actually I don’t watch myself on TV. I watched a lot of the episodes of the first season.. oh I take it back, I did watch ILost My Mind the other day because I haven’t watched for the past 2 seasons so I felt like, “Oh might as well, my whole family was watching it and they go ‘Jennette come in here, come in here!’ so I watched it and I liked the episode alot. I love Jim parsons from Big Bang Theory, I love that show so being able to work with him was just amazing and that’s kind of part of the reason why I watched the show… Bonbon! Part of the reason why I watched the show that time but .. geez what was the question! where did it go? Um. I’ll find ya, I’l find ya. Oh but how do I feel when I watch myself? Uh, nitpicky. I feel judgemental. I feel like a critic. That’s why I don’t like watching myself.

Q: Grandma here! Sitting with my grandaughter and guess where we are going after your chat? Right I&#m bringing my purse and getting a big big cart at K-Mart!!!!!! :)
A: My grandma? No! She does not know how to use.. I’m going to finish reading the comment. Oh cause I’d be the granddaughter. You rock grandma!! Yes! Can I be your adopted granddaughter? My grandma won’t mind. And plus, what grandma doesn’t know about, it’s not going to hurt her. She’s not on the Stardoll chat. I’ll join you, wouldn’t that be fun? What if you guys were at Kmart shopping at the Rebecca Bonbon section and you saw me like standing there shopping at the Rebecca Bonbon section and I’m all “hey I just talked to you on the chat!” and you were all “hey yeah I did!” and I said, “Let’s shop together!” and you’d say “Yeah!” and we did. Yeah..that’d be great.

Q: can you say bon bon 10 times fast? i can&#t lol
I can certainly try. Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon. Let my try that without laughing. Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon …hahahahaha Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon HAHAHAHAHAHA I can’t. Bonbon Bonbon Bonbon .. forget it. You get the jist.

Q: What’s was your fav cartoon when you were a kid?
A: This is weird, honestly I watched a lot of the Nickelodeon cartoons like Rocko’s modern life, I was a big fan of Rugrats, I loved Phil and Lil. I watched like Ren and Stimpy, I watched Doug Funnie, do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do. I love Doug Funnie. I also watch Simpsons alot. I guess those are pretty much all the cartoons. Cartoons are great. Oh you know what? I just watched this weird one, it wasn’t a cartoon but it was animated it was called Mr Bumpy’s bump in the night or something like that. It was fantastic like a claymation thing and then I also watched this one with like these green people. I remember because it came on after Reading Rainbow and before magic school bus.

Send in as many questions as you can! Maybe I’ll go super speed for the last five minutes or something

Q: were going to kmart to we are going to get all the stuff we are big fans
A: Yay! You guys are awesome! You are big fans, shoutout to you, hey-o!

Q: Grandma here again and I would love to have you as my adopted grandaughter we can shop till we drop. Your are a doll
A: Stardoll?? Hey Grandma! I’m going to tell my grandma when she gets home and she’s gonna be jealous!

Q: Should Dan Schneider wear something from Rebecca Bonbon?
A: Yes he should! I’m going to bring him some stuff. I got to answer as much as I can!

Q: What did you like most about the collab between the cast of you and victorious? PS I love you!!
A: Well I think the … thank you, appreciate it firstly and foremost. We did this TV movie, iParty With Victorious which was very fun, it was great. Just aside from that, I get along with the Victorious cast so well and hang out with them quite frequently, they’re awesome. Did I answer this question? So that’s what I like most about them, I love hanging out with them.

Q: I love Rebecca Bonbon, I have a sticker of it in my mobile :) What was the best moment at the photoshoot?
A: I have a phone case for Rebecca Bonbon, so cool similar. The whole day was so fun! I mean I couldn’t pick out a best moment. It was just every look I really liked. I got to have fun in each look. Towards the end of the day I got to model some pajama looks and those were fun. That was kind of a nice change up cause I have been in all the other outfits the entire day so I can put on some sleepwear and cuddle with the little stuffed animal and stuff. So that was good. I don’t know why I just said the word cuddle. I hate the word cuddle. Interesting quirk about me, hate the word cuddle, hate the word snuggle. And hate the word moist. Nothing can come good of any of those. Just not good.

Q: did you ever had a time where you gave up
A: That did not seem like a good question to end on. I think we all get discouraged from time to time but it’s important to just stay surrounded by people that can remind you not to be discouraged and you can remind not to be discouraged when maybe they’re feeling that way.

Q: do you do any social activities with the cast of icarly?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Yeah we always hang out and go to movies. Jerry was actually in a comedy show the other day for my favorite troop called Groundlings. So I got to see him in a Groundlings show. That was awesome. We hang out all the time. All the time, it’s great.

Q: how much do rebecca bon bon clothes cost
A: Go to Kmart and check it out but save up your lemonade stand money. That’s the kind of thing I would do. I had a lemonade stand when I was younger. That’s what I would save up for. A snowcone stand as well.

Last question! Last question. Gonna let you take note of the shirt that I’m wearin’, gonna let you be thinking about Rebecca Bonbon for a couple of seconds. Going to let you decide when you’re making your trip to Kmart and I’m going to look for the final question. What’s a good final question? Ask a good final question. This is the last one, make it worth it. Make it count, kids. Thank you all again so much for hanging out for this hour. It’s been real. Tried to answer your questions, you’ve asked great ones. Come on guys! There’s so many, I don’t know which one to pick! This is tough. Huh.. that’s interesting.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of the life you have now?
A: I think the most rewarding part, you know it’s difficult because I feel like everybody you know you’ve heard this answer before but honestly it’s just being able to do what I love to do. Being able to entertain people, that’s my favorite thing in the world. To be able to make somebody laugh, there’s nothing better. I think that laughing is such a cool thing. Especially if somebody has an ugly laugh. And by ugly laugh I mean like huge.. I have an ugly laugh, like when it gets big… it gets big! So that’s the best thing in the world to experience that and I guess the coolest. That’s the most rewarding part. Also wearing comfy shirts with cute characters on them. It’s quite rewarding.

Ok thank you guys for tuning in! Go to Kmart. One final shoutout to grandma with the granddaughter who she’s taking that first step, she’s on her way right now. You guys follow in the footsteps of grandma. Ok? And uh you gotta get your bonbon on. You’re welcome. Thanks for hanging out guys. Bye!!


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