Jennette McCurdy surprise Q&A session and worldwide trend

Posted on August 15, 2011

Jennette McCurdy did it again. Not only did she surprise the fans with a late night twitter Q&A session but all her fans helped set a twitter trend for the 2nd time with #askjennette. Below are the questions Jennette personally answered and some miscellaneous tweets to her fans.

Q: how old were you when you had your first crush?
A: probably 6 or 7.. One of my brother’s friends!

Q: will you do new covers on your YouTube page soon?
A: what should I cover next?

Q: Do you like Harry Potter?
A: big fan. Was Luna lovegood for Halloween one year and hermione another

Q: What’s your favorite song of the moment?
A: “I can’t lie” maroon 5.

Q: who would you say is your best friend
A: absolutely @allisonsh

Q: Whats your favorite part about being on Icarly?
A: making folks laugh

Q: chocolate, vanilla, or bacon?
A: vanilla !

Q: favorite brand of clothes to wear?
A: James perse, elizabeth and James, mui mui

Q: what do you like to do other than singing and acting?
A: watch tv, find new music, write, rollercoasters

Q: who are your favorite cast members to hang out with on set?
A: love em all

Q: How was working with Jim Parson?
A: bazinga. He’s the bomb

Q (asked by @ArianaGrande): Do you miss me as much as i miss you?
A: let’s hang out ya nerd!

Q: if you weren’t playing “sam.” which other chracter would you wanna play, even if the genders could be swapped.
A: t bo

Q: Who’s your FAVORITE SUPERHERO? And I got the lead in a play, singing “So Close” for my audition! :)
A: congrats! And batman

Q: would you ever do a mebejennette video again? :D
A: yes give me ideas!

Q: is lying upside down a pleasure or a pain?
A: fun because I’m twisted

Q: do u love ur fans? Including me? I love you!
A: I love all my fans. You guys are so supportive and allow me to do what I love. Thank you all

Q: You promised us #McCurdians a UStream. Will you have one soon?
A: yes been crazy busy but I shall figure out how to do one soon

Q: do you like waffles?…what do you put on them if yes?
A: I like em like donkey from shrek does

Q: what’s the most stupid thing you have ever done
A: take that picture that Is your profile pic

Q: whats the deal with grape nuts? No grapes. No nuts.
A: you tell me. What’s the deal with granny smith apples? No granny, no smith.

Q: would you rather be caught in mens boxers or shaving your face?! Hahah
A: boxers. Comfy and 100% cotton baby

Q: where would you like to be right now?
A: an amusement park

Q: I’m just going outside dressed like a bunny just because you answered!!!!
A: woooo like Chandler from friends

Q: Pikachu or Mudkips :D ??
A: pikachu, although everyone know you gotta catch em all

Q: what is your favorite roller coaster?
A: love space mountain, silver bullet, just went to 6 flags last week and all those were amazing!

Q: Who is your favorite character from Friends?
A: I love them all. Early seasons, Ross. Middle seasons, Chandler. Later seasons, Joey and rachel. Phoebe always

Q: Star Wars Or Lord Of The Rings ?
A: lightsabers over hobbits, though i love both

Q: WOW JENNETTE! Do you realize how awesome you are now?
A: as awesome as I’ll never be

Q: Who is your best friend from the iCarly cast??? :)
A: cosmos :)

Q: Now that was quick haha! That’s what amazing fan power u have!
A: nope. That’s what amazing power my FANS have

Q: would you ever do a duet with the lovely @ArianaGrande? You both have beautiful voices.
A: I would love to. Ari is amazing

Q: what was your favorite Nickelodeon cartoon from the 90’s?
A: rugrats! Also loved Doug and roco’s modern life

Q: can you tell me goodnight :)
A: goodnight! Sleep well and dream of crazy things

Q: How many school buses full of children do I have to hijack to get a response from you?
A: 3. Time to go hijack 3 buses.

Q: Kudos on being trending topic on twitter… You know what kudos means right?
A: yeah it’s a snack bar right?

Q: your bets friend”?
A: my bets friend is the same as my best friend, because I make a lot of bets with her.. @allisonsh

Q: zombies or muffins?
A: zombies that eat muffins

During the tweeting mayhem, Jennette announced that #askjennette was a worldwide twitter trend for the second time!

Jennette then wanted to know more about the fans so she opened the discussion with the hashtag #answerjennette where fans would describe their day in 3 words.

Jennette as always thanked the fans for being so supportive of her and getting her to a twitter trend and tweeted a squinchy picture of her.


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  1. schubywuby says:

    That’s why I love your site! Even though I missed the Q&A, I get all infos about it here.

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  3. Yes, I have to agree that if I miss something that Jennette does, you’ve got it covered. Thanks also for finding a way for me to see her tweets at work. Otherwise I have to wait to get home.

  4. hey i love your songs especially me with you

  5. I love all of your songs and i love singing and hope to become a singer and meet you!!!! You and ariana rock!!!

  6. Sorry i used the wrong email :(

    I love all of your songs and I love singing i hope to become a singer and meet you and ariana!!! You guys rock!!!