Jennette McCurdy returns from the Nickelodeon cruise

Posted on August 1, 2011

Jennette McCurdy finally arrived back in LA. She then performed the fastest tweet deleting she’s ever done around 1am on August 1st, then tweeted the following:

Click Read more to see the Cruise videos which include the Q&A.

Below is video of Jennette and Nathan responding the questions asked by the fans then watched iPity the Nevel. Jennette even sang the Big Bang theory with a fan wearing a blue shirt. Jennette even wanted to answer three more questions when there was only time for one more.

Special thanks to iLive4Productions for uploading the following:

Jennette, Nathan, Avan, Leon, and Daniella – Welcome to the Nick Cruise

Q: What is the funniest thing that has happened on camera or even off camera?
A: My favorite prank (we’re big prankers on the set) that I pulled on the cast was that during the first season on the show I convinced them that my real name was Jenneteria, and they all made lots of fun of me. They started feeling very miserable because I started making them feel very bad about it. But not so bad that I convinced that my name was just Jennette.

Q: While you guys are shooting, have you ever slipped or fallen on your butt or anything like that?
A: Usually at least 3 times an episode. That’s why I have bruises on my knees and feet right now.

Q: Who is the coolest person that you guys have ever worked with?
A: For me it was Jim Parsons, I’m a big fan of his show called the Big Bang Theory.

Q: What was the first thing you guys have ever done in your careers for movies and acting and stuff?
A: An episode of MAD TV where I played some spoofs of Kathy Lee Gifford as her daughter.

Q: Is it true that there’s actually an episode called iTake a Cruise?
A: I’ll be honest with you. A stalker wrote that, it’s a total lie, it’s not happening. I kid you not. It’s some weird stalker who claimed that idea out there. It’s not true.

Q: Sometimes when you’re shooting, do you laugh when you’re suppose to say certain lines?
A: Jerry will forsake the episode or the intention that he’s suppose to be feeling just to make us laugh. If he’s making an expression that is totally unrelated and doesn’t fit the scene and doesn’t matter.

Q: What was your favorite episode that you ever did?
A: My favorite episodes were I really liked this TV movie iGo to Japan, that was fun. I liked an episode, iPie, mainly because there are usually two stories going on, but with that episode it was just one giant story and all the cast members were involved. We all had really good lines and I thought it was just a really good, fun episode. I also liked the episode iTwins cause I got to play twins and I like twins.

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