Jennette McCurdy at the album listening party

Posted on July 17, 2011

On July 16, 2011 Jennette McCurdy attended her album listening party in Los Angeles to announce her choice of cupcake display that represented her album for the cupcake wars, which was also filmed there. Guests that were at the event were also the first to listen Jennette’s songs from her upcoming album. Special thanks to Crumpy97 and cdahlk2001 for uploading the following videos.

When Jennette spoke to JJJ she had this to say about her position as judge in the cupcake wars: “I love the Food Network so much and I never thought I’d be able to a part of their shows or anything. When this came up, I was jumping for joy and one of my brothers actually asked if he could come. I was like, ‘You haven’t been on the iCarly set in five years and you want to come to this one?’ There was one called the Sweet Tea Southern Cupcake. The challenge was to draw inspiration from southern states. The French judge [Florian Bellanger] who definitely knows way more than I do in the pastry world and asks me what I thought of it. Of course, it was my turn to speak about it and I said, ‘This is the best cupcake I’ve had in my life. It’s fantastic.’ My plate was clean. I was scraping for every crumble. He turns to the girl who made it and tells her it’s the worst cupcake he’s tasted on the show. He hated it and I loved it. It was a bit embarrassing because I thought my palette wasn’t refined”

Jennette’s Cupcake Wars episode will air in late August/early September to coincide with her album release

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