Jennette McCurdy answers fan questions and sets a worldwide twitter trend

Posted on July 6, 2011

On July 5th, 2011, Jennette decided to do a quick 20 question Q&A session with fans on twitter. After the second question, she wanted to make reading question easier by tweeting: PS regarding your questions, the weirder the better. also include #askjennette with your question

This was the result:

Click read more to see the archived Q&A session

Q: Do the stairs in carly’s loft actually go anywhere?
A: they lead to a wooden floor with a wooden wall that is drawn on by me and my cohorts

Q: Who Gave u That Back To The Future Poster with u on the Hoverboard? it was epic. Hoverboards for 2015
A: the crew of icarly made it for me. incredible right?

Q: will you be watching the last Potter film?
A: yep, huge potter fan. have you visited yet?

Q: do you ever whip your hair back and forth?
A: yes, especially when it’s wet

Q: what kind of music do you like ?
A: primarily polka and harmonica-based funk tunes

Q: whats that reflective thing on the left sleeve of the penny t’s on icarly?
A: that would be a penny..

Q: What is your Favorite thing about working with @MirandaCosgrove ?
A: she is so sweet, fun, and enjoyable. we’ve gotten closer over the past few years – so grateful for that

Q: Smooth or Crunchy Peanut Butter?
A: crunchy all the way

Q: what do you do to make your hair so amazing?
A: use minimal heat. i use a smoothing creme after showering and a strengthening serum for the ends. and thanks!

Q: Cinnamon toast crunch or caption crunch?
A: well i’ve never had caption crunch but if it includes captions of cereal mascots, i’m in!

Q: if I had a crab feast with plenty of bacon, would you come?
A: unfortunately no, but that is only because i am allergic to shellfish. swap the crab with some tilapia and i’m there

Q: are u as badass as sam on icarly?
A: at times, definitely. ha thanks

Q: How was work with Jim?
A: amazing, bazinga

Q: what would you do if there was a zombie apacolypse?
A: party it up with the zombies

Q: how do you like your sandwiches cut?
A: diagonally or into four little squares

Q: If you were a warning label, what would it be?
A: if i was a warning label, I would be “proceed with caution”

Q: if you could play a character in any scifi movie/series who would it be?
A: marty or lorraine from bttf, han or lando calrissian from star wars, indiana jones

Q: name 5 things close to you right now
A: great one. an owl-themed lunch pail, the film damn yankees, a suitcase, a mustache on a canvas, and an easter basket

Q: if you could be invisible for a day what would you do?
A: i would listen in on conversations and drive a car so people think the car is driving itself

Q: did you read this tweet? i always tweet celebs and they never reply. i feel that im invisible!
A: you’re not invisible. if you were I’d ask to switch superpowers (mine’s the ability to make everyone in a room feel awkward)

Q: Favorite Harry Potter spell?
A: definitely wingardium leviosa

Q: ive been tweeting and you havent seen them but if you see this then Flying Monkeys, NInjas or talking cats
A: flying monkeys (i’d like to see marcel fly), ninjas (because they’re discreet), and talking cats (hey there siamese)

Q: roller coaster or ghost house?
A: roller coaster baby

Q: why do you pretend to be an insecure nerd to get people to listen to your crappy music?
A: i’m just being me. better to be a first-rate version of yourself than a second-rate version of someone else. #justsaying

Q: Would you rather be a wizard or a super hero?
A: tough one! maybe a wizard? i say that tentatively

Q: Why are you so inspiring and hilarious? Why do you make me think of the 90’s?
A: thank you, thank you, and possibly because I am a product of the 90s?

There were so many tweets in such a short amount of time, it set off a worldwide twitter trend with the tag #askjennette


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