Archived Interview with Jennette McCurdy

Posted on June 29, 2011

Back in March, 2010, chatted with Jennette McCurdy and was recently brought to the surface on June 29, 2011.

Her funniest moments on the set of iCarly:
Anytime Noah (Gibby) or Jerry (Spencer) are in a scene, I know it’s going to be funny. I love acting with them because they’re both very natural, comedic and easy to work with.

Her favourite iCarly episodes:
“iWas a Pageant Girl”, where we find out Sam used to compete in beauty pageants…. I get to do a tap dance routine, so that was very fun! I also liked “iTwins and iOwe You”. I really enjoy episodes when Sam has a lot of character development.

How similar or different she is from her character, Sam:
Most people say I’m way different, but I bet my brothers would say otherwise.

Working with the cast of TRUE JACKSON, VP:
Working on TRUE JACKSON, VP is awesome because the environment is wonderful there…. Keke is such a star. She’s talented, beautiful, and most importantly, kind.

Her budding music career:
I’m signed to Capitol Records Nashville, so I’m recording my debut album! I’m very blessed to have been able to co-write most of the songs on the album, so it’s definitely “me”.

Her upcoming projects:
I also will be in the upcoming Nickelodeon channel movie, THE BEST PLAYER, (opposite Jerry Trainor!), as Chris Saunders, a shy, contemplative girl with a secret identity as an online gamer prodigy (hence her gamertag “Prodigy”), and the upcoming theatrical release, FRED, as Bertha, an off beat, confident, unique girl [who] Fred doesn’t know whether to love or hate!

The last movie I saw was…
SCHOOL TIES. I love Matt Damon. He’s so intelligent and such a great actor!

The last thing I bought was…
A gelato for my friend. Tasty.

One band/artist I could listen to on repeat is…
Right now, I’m listening to tonnes of Lady Antebellum, Owl City and Michael Bublé.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet is…
Go to Africa. I nearly went one time with my friend Simon Curtis, but I was working and unable to go. He went and couldn’t say enough good things about it so now I want to go even more!

Someone I really admire is…
My mom. She’s selfless, honest, kind, loving, generous, hilarious and always thinking of others. She’s the best!



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