Happy 19th Birthday Jennette McCurdy!

Posted on June 26, 2011

Today marks the 19th birthday of Jennette McCurdy. Over the years she has grown to become the humble and sweet yet strong young woman she is today. Her enthusiasm for acting and her passion for music is an influence to so many and she has a bright future ahead of her.

All over the world, fans join in to celebrate Jennette McCurdy’s 19th birthday and there was even a celebration with gifts on the set of iCarly. Click “read more” to see all the fan made videos, pictures and shoutouts.

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Letters to Jennette

Dear Jennette,

I wish you a great birthday this year, full of love, joy and fun! You are a true role model to look up to. You’re beautiful, funny, smart and very talented! You’re such a kind girl, so down to earth, and would love to be your friend J

You have touched me and all of us when you wrote an essay about your mother this year and I really hope that she will get better and that you and your family will be happy like they were when your mom was healthy.

I wish that this year will be even better than the previous year also since your amazing album will be released soon! J

From @yoavtweets, I love you Bilgerdunday!

Dear Jennette (aka J-Mac, J-Swag, and my favorite-Je-nay-nay),

(I REALLY apologize if this gets to being a little long, but you deserve to know JUST how much you mean to me)

First of all, it’s hard to believe that you’re 19 years old!! It’s also amazing to me that I was born exactly 9 months and 10 days before you (on September 16th, 1991). I really hope that this is a special day for you and your Family. :)
Second, I want you to know how much you’ve motivated and inspired me with your acting skills and your music. You’ve also motivated and inspired me to get back in to acting and singing myself. Therefore, I’ve set the goals and hold the dream to not only be a successful TV/movie actor, but also be a successful recording artist/songwriter-just like you. I especially want to get to Nickelodeon and be able to star on iCarly with my own character (I’ve created it and made it unique, standing out from Sam, Carly, and Freddie). Being in movies and television has always been something I’ve aimed for (especially on Nick), but iCarly is a comedy, and one that I feel like I could easily relate to and transition in to.
As far as the music goes, I’ve already written several songs in a notepad I have, and I’ve taken the experiences from my life and written about them. I also have a strong desire to take the rock, pop, and blues genres, mix them together, and create a new sound and a new genre. I’m taking the 5 most influential recording artists of mine-Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Judy Garland, Michael Jackson, and Frank Sinatra-and making something both brand new and exciting. All 5 of them have hugely impacted me personally in addition to musically, as a performer and entertainer, and as an actor. However, you are the 6th person to be added to this treasured list-and the best bar none!! :)
Third, I know this is a very hard and difficult period for you away from the set and the studio and so on. In a way I understand how this feels for you. My Grandmother (my Mom’s Mother) died on March 19th at the age of 81. She may have died as a result of the return of ovarian cancer, but we’ll never know as we didn’t want an autopsy done. She did get diagnosed with it in 2008 and beat it. But ultimately that, along with a badly functioning liver, took her from us. Your Mom has to be a very strong, loving person, and I know this because my own Mom is that way. She gave birth the strongest, sweetest, kindest, most caring, most loving, most compassionate, bravest, most courageous, smartest, most genuine, and most sincere girl I’ve EVER seen or have known of.
I may be 3 months from turning 20, but I LOVE and ADORE iCarly and Nick. You are the main reason why I watch iCarly every day, and why I’ve had the drive to get out there, do the things you do, and join you on that set with Nathan, Miranda, Noah, Jerry, Dan, and all those wonderful class acts you work with every day. I’ve had a few obstacles come my way in my life so far, but I know that I’ve triumphed over each situation of adversity I’ve faced simply because of my positive, upbeat attitude. To be honest and truthful, I’ve tried to be myself yet use you as a prime example of how to be and how to live.
I told a pal of mine when describing you that “it’s like God took one of His angels in Heaven and put its heart, spirit, and soul in Jennette’s body.” Your sense of humor, your love/respect/kindness/friendliness/appreciation for everyone you meet, and your classy/dignified ways (plus TOTAL swagger) is something I not only can relate to, but also I feel like I’ve always tried to be like that. When praying to my Heavenly Father (and my Grandmother) to help me make my dreams come true, I also pray that you’ll be a huge part of my success and excellence as well. :) I’ve ALWAYS hated and despised the word “celebrity” with a burning passion. In my mind, we’re all equal and extraordinary people with extraordinary talents, gifts, skills, and abilities that are not only critical to the survival of this planet, but also critical to the success and excellence of mankind itself. You’re a shining example of that!! .
May God Bless you as He has blessed me (you being one of THE BIGGEST blessings in my life by far). Hope you come to Kansas City on your Rebecca BonBon tour. If you come to a K-Mart here, I’m coming to see you, period. :) I’m SO proud and blessed that you’re a part of the same generation as me. Together, we can truly be “Generation Love.” And show the world that “We Are Love” (the title to one of my many songs I’ve written). :) Again have a wonderful day, and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH love to you!! :)

Sincerely, Yours Truly, Your Biggest Fan (and hopefully one day future co-star and fellow recording artist!!),

Patrick Hennessy (aka @PDiddyDooWop on Twitter) :)

It’s your birthday jennette and i have no words to tell you how much i wish it’s one of the best of your life. You deserve the best you’re such an inspiration to me thank you so much for make my life everyday with your beautiful music and your beautiful smile.
Everyday when i wake up i remember there’s you and i found a reason to smile, to fight and to never give up my dreams. Thanks to you i learned how to be strong, how to smile and never let the problems control me, thanks to you know i love my mom so much more.. You and your music are one of the best things i have in my life thank you ♥.
I wish i could make a video for you ’cause it means so much for me to give you a present today but nothing could be enough you deserve everything but i only can give you this letter and my eternal love and support. Never forget i’m with you, we all are with you.
You changed my life THANK YOU, you’re the person i see as my inspiration and role model, thanks to you i didn’t give up my dreams and i’m fighting so hard.. Thank you thank you thank you. I wish i could be with you right now singing happy bday and bake a cake of course would be funny i probably would cry of happiness :) i wish we could be friends .. Wow i can imagine that it’s like a great dream … I can’t describe it but as friend, as a fan the first thing i would say is thank you jennette.
I hope to meet you someday i could take a picture i would put on my wall and keep on my heart forever. I can’t to think if i meet you i would cry like now.
I remember i made you a video on your 17th bday and when it was your 18th bday i was like omg time go so fast and look at me now i’m 18 years old too and you’re turning 19 i can’t believe it… Years ago i saw you like a little girl so cute and so talented and now i see you like a big awesome woman so beautiful and talented.
Thank you for made me laugh.. You have no idea how much you were the person that made me smile when i was crying and with your music i found myself, all your songs have a piece of me, all your songs can describe me.
I’ll start class tomorrow and i wrote Generation Love on my books it makes me feel so happy and ready to start.
Generation love changed my point of view of something and now i see my generation with eyes of hope. You always can make me see the good side of the things. When i was listening “better”for the first time i cried that song was so me and “me with you” is a song i can’t stop to listen and sing. I thank God everyday for gave me the chance of met you.

You jennette mccurdy are the best person in my life. The role model i’ll always follow. The beautiful woman i’ll always support. My favorite singer. My favorite actress. My favorite rapper and the funniest person in the world. I’m so proud and so thankful.

I’m so sorry i can’t make you a better present but i wrote it with my heart and i hope you read it someday.
Hope you have an awesome day with your family and friends hope you’re with your mamma smiling and being more strong everyday.
Hope you’re having a funny time with the people you love even with your fans ’cause we all are with you right now giving you a big birthday hug.
Once again thank you for everything see you soon someday promise.

Love you Jennette. ♥

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You can also participate in the huge celebration on her twitter and facebook page. Tweet to @jennettemccurdy and wish her a happy birthday with the hashtag (#happybirthdayjennette) and post on her official facebook page wall. She’ll be most appreciative at all the support by her fans.

Special thanks to @Michcarian for finding Jennette McCurdy’s birthday located on their famous celebrity birthdays area.

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  1. Happy Birthday, all the best for you, and that starting today, you are very happy!

  2. I love Jennette <3 Happy birthday to the prettiest and talented girl in the world!
    PS: I love your site! It is my homepage <3 so much love

  3. hey jennette, happy 19th birthday. and you are such a wounderful singer and an outstanding actress. i hope you have a great brithday. and i just want to say you are my rolemodel in my life and in my acting if i ever become an actress. well your awesome. love

  4. Happy 19th Birthday, Jennette! Hope your last year as a teenager turns out great! I have a good feeling it will be, especially being that “The Story of My Life” releases in Sept.

    Best Wishes,


  5. Oswaldo Mauleón says:

    Happy Birthday Jennette, you are Amazing!, your presence in this world makes the difference for many = )

  6. Happy birthday jennette.