Jennette McCurdy is going to be on Cupcake Wars

Posted on June 9, 2011

Food Network launches season two of the series “Cupcake Wars“. One of the future episodes will feature Jennette McCurdy who will be judging over a thousand cupcakes. The cupcakes she chooses will be on display at Jennette’s album release party that will be happening in a couple of months from now! Cupcakes aren’t Jennette’s favorite sweet treat. While she enjoys eating an apple a day, she recommends having ice-cream as a sweet treat.

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3 responses

  1. Hi my name is adamaris, I am nine years old love to watch cupcake wars and i was happy and surprise to see Jennette McCurdy on the show that really made my day.

  2. hi its adamaris also her music is awsome too

  3. adamaris again she did amazing in cupcake wars