Jennette McCurdy does another Q&A session

Posted on May 18, 2011

On May 17, 2011, Jennette McCurdy tweeted about a Q&A session with the fans. Even though it only lasted for about 30 minutes, there were plenty of questions answered by Jennette. Check out the questions Jennette chose to answer.

Q: Do truth and beauty truly exist, or are they merely ever changing ideas that exist solely in the mind of the beholder?
A: ah, a bit of philosophy eh? i think they do exist and are constant

Q: What do you like in a guy?
A: killer sense of humor, nice, easy-going, deep, and smart

Q: You still doing a U stream for reaching SO many followers? If so when?
A: i will absolutely do a ustream when i reach 500,000!

Q: what about intergrity! How important is for you?
A: very. as well as honesty

Q: What kind of shoes are you wearing at this exact moment?
A: barefoot! though i am wearing polar bear pajama bottoms…

Q: have you listened to Adele’s album?
A: yes, love it.

Q: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?
A: gryffindor so i could hang with my buds the weasley twins

Q: millenium falcon or delorean?
A: ride a delorean off a millenium falcon

Q: Did you buy a wand when you went to “The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter”? If so, who’s did you buy?
A: yes i did, i bought the one that corresponds with my bday

Q: what irritates you most on the internet?
A: trolls and dating assumptions. yipes

Q: i’m from Garden Grove CA.. is it true you’re from here too?
A: yes ma’am

Q: Choose one: Winning a Grammy or working with Mr. Depp.
A: Depp hands down

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