New video by Jennette McCurdy’s Official Youtube

Posted on May 2, 2011

We take a look back from the fun times during Jennette McCurdy’s Generation Love tour where she traveled to 25 city mall tour promoting her latest single “Generation Love” and raising $139,643 for St Jude. Check out the following video by mebejennette.

You can also view the official Generation Love music video below uploaded by the official Jennette McCurdy Vevo.


5 responses

  1. hi jennette am your sister and we like friends an if you want to hung out with me its ok with you i love you so i miss you an i gaert time at my camp so thank you .

  2. she is my favorite person in the whole wide world she is my biggest fan my number 1 fan she is so sweet & pretty she is very nice funny i love all her songs ,video ,i love how she is rap dress & everything sles u rock u are so cool i wish u were my best friend cause ur a very great person funny fun & so much more love watching ur character enjoy ur act moves how u dance & u can really ice skate watch it & totally loved it

  3. Dear,Jennette McCurdy
    i love ur personality love ur songs rap how u ice skate love the way u is sing & so much more ur my number1 fan u rock good luck hope i may see u one of these days i will be delightful to see u ,u are very smart pretty intelligent & so many more love when u dance cause that’s my favorite thing to do & we have alot of things in common ur very funny & fun that’s what i can see about u & i know iyt’s true ur very nice & respectful & especially freiendly bye keep on shinning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love always Alexandria Pennerman

  4. hi jennette it would be a pleasure to actually see u in real life i will fall out i wish i could see u in person or even in video chat i will scream very loud i know ur mustbe wondering who i am but it’s cool if u want to know who i am u could go on facebook it have my information u might want to see who i am i have couple pictures so it wouldn’t be any problem things what i said to u is really true i will be so excited to see u touch u & so much more bye if read thanks so much

  5. Alexandria Pennerman says:

    Jennette McChurdy I love ur music ur personality ur love for ya fans n ur great work/job on Sam cat it very funny crazy dats way I like about u violence hurtful fun etc well done I really love u ur a great actor singer song writer I look up to u I adore u ur my idol u rock Jennette it biggest fan
    Sincerely love always Alexandria Pennerman