Jennette McCurdy’s latest announcement and answers questions from fans

Posted on April 29, 2011

After days without seeing Jennette McCurdy tweeting, she surprised everyone with an announcement about her Generation Love music video airing on Nickelodeon for the second time, except this time the full version will be aired.

Next, she decided to do a Q&A with her fans.

The following are the questions she chose to answer.

Q: What do you like about Star Wars?
A: hilarious.. watching A New Hope as I type this. I like the escape it provides

Q: what’s the best thing about your fans?
A: i feel like i have tons of friends as opposed to tons of fans. we relate and communicate and connect on a personal level

Q: do you have a crush on Nathan?
A: nope. nathan and i are just buds. but don’t underestimate buds, they are great!

Q: What’s your best memory with the recordings of iParty With Victorious?
A: that cast is so fun @arianagrande @victoriajustice @lizgillies @daniellamonet @leonthomas3 @avanjogia @mattbennett

Q: first love…acting or music and why?
A: some people may be surprised: acting comes 1st for me. I’ve acted my whole life and been fascinated with tv/film forever

Q: is blonde ur natural hair colour??
A: yep was a toe-head when i was a baby

Q: first love…acting or music and why?
A: neither! i like the main characters when they are all platonic

Q: favorite childhood show?
A: cheers, facts of life, brady bunch, gilligan’s island, different strokes, bill cosby show, three’s company, mst3k

Q: what’s your favorite part of being an actress?
A: being other people is more fun than being myself

Q: is your hair really curly or naturally straight??
A: naturally curly

Q: what’s the best part about work with @DanWarp and all Schneider’s Bakery? Did u watch a Schneider’s TV show before iCarly?
A: @Danwarp is a creative genius, plain and simple.

Q: How do you manage to look so young? I’m 10 days older than you but I look 4 years older!!
A: well i’m actually 87 years old, so thanks. must be the anti-aging eye serum

Q: What are your long range plans? Singing? Acting? Films?
A: long rang plans? just takin it one day at a time buddy. though i do hope to be on the tv/film side of things till i’m old and gray

Q: weirdest food you ever ate?
A: rattlesnake

Q: you got any cool/unique slogans or witty catchphrases that you came up with that you can share?
A: i like this one.. “my goal in life is to be cultured.. like yogurt”

Q: How many boyfriends have you had???
A: you like the personal q’s eh? ha

Q: My mom laughs watching you on iCarly – And she’s 40 ! Say something to her ???
A: thanks mom

Q: at the episode iOMG why did u and Miranda randomly chanted ‘botswana’ ?
A: oh geez i don’t even remember that

Q: Are you falling in love in someone right now?
A: not falling at the moment

Q: Did u watch the royal wedding?
A: do you think i watched the royal wedding? (no) ha

Q: my 10 year old daughter would like to know “who is your best friend?”
A: my friends (initials here for their privacy) a.h, a.d., k.s. d.a., n.k. and s.c. are probably my best

Q: What kind of stuff makes you all nostalgic? (For me, it’s Creepy Crawlies, Lite Brite, Hey Arnold, etc.)
A: great q. mine: gobblesticks, opportunity knocks, care bears, mystery men, yoohoo, campbell’s soup, pokemon, vans doubledeckers

Q: I’ve gotten 16 people to buy generation love. Can I get a WOOOO! ;)
A: how about a double woo? WOOO WOOO

Q: if you had to pursue either your acting or singing career, which would you?
A: just choose one? acting

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  1. I just decided I want Jennette McCurdy’s hair cut and color for my hair.

  2. I wish I could be a actress like Jennette!!! Jennette if you are reading this you should know that you are awesome and should stay that way!!!

  3. Jack McCurdy says:

    Hay sister how are you doing tonight